How to Work from Home and Earn in Dollars Legitimately While In Nigeria


How do I earn work online from home and get paid in dollars right here in Nigeria? This is a big question that is common on the mind of average Nigerians as we speak. I have receive lot of questions through mails on how to do business online, work online while in Nigeria and still get paid in dollars without stress, problem or spending any money.

If you look at the exchange rate of a dollar to naira now, you will understand that It quite make a lot of sense to start thinking of how to start working online and making money just to earn few dollars as extra income. Some young people do some illegal things on the internet but there are plenty legit ways to work from home and get paid in dollars.

This I will be explaining as you read on with this updates, please don’t forget to share with friends and families because this information are paid information but free for our fans and readers. Now, to work from home and earn legitimately in dollars while still in Nigeria, you ensure you are ready for this by ensuring you are over the age of 18years. You must also have the overall accepted payment method on how to receive your earnings, make sure you have an android or pc connected to the internet and let roll.

1. Micro jobs: A friend of mine is raking like over $300 to $500 a month on while the other ones are doing well on These are sites that makes you work or sell your services to potential buyers inform of gig.


You can sell a gig or buy a gig which means sell what you can offer or buy a service at $5 and above. One of these guys is a cartoonist and he’s busy selling this cartoon service on fiverr, the next one is a content writer who writes contents for needs and to get paid in dollars.

They are in Nigeria and earning money in dollars. You can visit this sites I mentioned (fiverr) and see what you can offer for sale and get paid from it. If you are confused, send a mail to me and I will explain more.


2. YouTube: Many Nigerians are now turning into YouTube for so many things apart from getting entertained, they are making skits, tutorials and doing things and uploading to YouTube where they get paid in dollars within a while when they reach 1000 subscribers and over 4000watch hours with good quality videos. You can also do the same if you have a good phone and ready to work from home legitimately and get paid.

You can choose any niche for yourself who ranges from entertainments, tutorials on hair making, bead making, cloth making, gist, singing, instrumentals and many more.

3. Forex: This is one fast way of working from home and getting paid in dollars through your brokers.Forex is all about buying and selling of currencies, futures, metals and many more. Forex is quite risky and that is why you need to learn it very well, get a mentor to teach you or give you signals or get serious with youtube and start learning forex as if you your life depends on it. Practice well with the demo account to see your progress on this. Some people are cashing out big time and I can tell you that forex is a very legit way to work from home and get paid in dollars while you are living in Nigeria.

4. Affiliate marketing: This is one of the ways to work legitimately and earn in dollars through advertising other people products by displaying the banner or affiliate links on your social media account like Whatsapp or Facebook. So affiliate companies pay you by impression, some sites pay by lead while some pay by sales generated through your link or banner. 

You may not really need a site to succeed or start affiliate marketing but social media account is highly needed. To start affiliate marketing and start working from home, you only need to get yourself a niche which means an area of interest like health, pets, automobiles, chemical, beauty, business, sport, entertainment etc. You register, get the banner code drink and promote to your social media friends. This is one of the legitimate ways to earn dollars from Nigeria from home.

5. Blogging: Blogging is one of the old ways of working online and getting paid in dollars while in Nigeria and it’s very legitimate. Getting paid means you stay at home while working but blogging is a little easier than any other online business in the world because it gives you time to create your post, you are not under anyone and you determine everything about your blog. Even if you aren’t an expert, it’s very simple. 

You can go set up your blog on free hosting on blogger and get a custom domain which is cost free. You can also get a hosting plan on WordPress and follow the process along. You get going by posting simple topics of interest and later your site get matured enough for monetization either with adsense, ezoic, and other monetization platforms.

6. Content writing: You can also make some dollars right from home in Nigeria through content writing. Many site owners need writers and some companies also need many writers for their site. You can write for this people and get certified for this. This is called freelancing and there are so many freelancing sites. You can also post this on your Facebook wall, post to Facebook group related to internet business and show them sample of your work. You can also do this on micro jobs sites like upwork, zeerk and fiver.

7. Sell things online: This issue of selling something seems to be a little bit complicated to many people but I see this as the easiest. Just see if you have any handmade product made by you, post it on Amazon and people will buy. It might be inform of service, it may be inform of skills, and might be anything. I have a friend who is into poultry and he makes youTube videos on feeding of the pigs, rearing of the pigs, housing the pigs, their health and many more. For some it might be their dogs breeding and answering many questions. 

The latest on this is selling of ideas through YouTube. Some people who are teachers now teach on YouTube and upload these videos on their channels and get paid when the views and subscribers reach 1000. These things aren’t as hard you think but just the right information at the right time and start implementing the ideas straight.

8. Others: There are other ways where people are really enjoying earning dollars while in Nigeria and this include doing paid surveys, making money watching videos on swagbuck and getting paid to work from home. All these will be posted in incoming weeks along with the sure site to do this. Just keep with our updates and don’t forget to subscribe to us so that you can get fresh update as soon as we update. There are many ways to work online and it is our duty to find these online jobs for you but most times, we make sure we also part take in these jobs and get paid first so that we don’t give wrong information to the public.

You might not be able to do all these at a time because we will still be posting out new ideas on getting loans, small businesses that trend, investment ideas and many more. But start with one at first and make sure you start with what you enjoy doing. If you have any question about this topic or you want to make a suggestion, feel free to use the comment box below to get across to us. Thanks for reading.


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  2. People are really working online and making money here in Nigeria but the sure one I have seen is Adsense with YouTube and blogs. But cryptos seems to be making good way right now

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