Internet Business That Requires No Graduate Degree or Skills but Simple Knowledge


What Internet Business Requires No Graduate Degree or Skills but Simple Knowledge to Start?

This is my first post on this site and I will be sharing lot of information on how to work online, various internet businesses you can to earn extra money online, getting loans online I mean the reputable ones and overall knowledge of small scale businesses. 

I will like you to know that you may not to be a graduate before you can do all these work online but simple knowledge of these things you can learn on YouTube or through Google search can help you out in all these. What is required of you is just to ensure you are ready to learn, give yourself time to learn a skill online and start exploring the internet.

These are paid information you are about to get access to but you must be willing to act on some of these things. There are many ways to work online which we will be posting along the line that is, in the next updates but for now, we will only mention a few which are narrative and descriptive and you start working online. Although you may not need to quit your job to do this but you can do at your free time.


So, the internet business that requires no graduate degree or skills but simple knowledge includes the following;


1.    Selling online: You may not necessarily own a degree or be a graduate to sell things online but your skills will be enough for you to sell. There are many ways to sell to people online through Facebook adverts, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram and many more. You can also sell your product through the free platform on that social media like Facebook simply by posting your ads for free on Facebook and interested buyers will come for it. 

I have a friend that knows how to repair a laptop and sell, he posted all his work online and he get order from the listing and that is the only thing helping him to pay his bills up till today. Irrespective of any skill you have like barbing, plating of hair, photography, singing, writing, acting etc, all these can be package online and sell especially physical product like sandals, shoes, cloths etc.   

2.   Google Adsense: Adsense is one of the biggest advert networks in the world which still pay site owners to place their ads on the site. The site can be hosted on wordpress or on free domain like blogspot, mix, blogger etc. You just need to open up a site on your area of expert, knowledge, skills or interest and post on it, when it start getting traffic, then you can then place ads on the site. Using these ads can make you get money through Google and you may also not need to be a graduate to this but simple knowledge which can be acquired online. 

3.  Youtube: This is the new way of working online and earning money through video making. Youtube is a video sharing social network which is one the best internet business in the world right now. If you have a good phone like android or iphone with good camera, then you can start making videos and entertaining people through your channel, with time you will make money. 

Have you notice these guys that do skit videos, they are not standup comedian but they just start something and blow up, they are making money through direct advertisement, Google Adsense, Paid ads etc. You also can also be a part of that if you can act now and use your android phone or Iphone to make money for yourself.

4.    Micro Jobs: Micro job is easy if you have a skill to sell inform of a gig for $5 or $10 but if you don’t have any skill, then find your way to learning one like content writing, web design, graphic design, affiliate, teaching etc. Go to fiverr, upwork or zeerk and see for yourself the kind of skill you can offer for sale or help people solve their problem, and then you are good to go. It has a price tag of $5, $10 and upwards.

5.  Blogging: Blogging is what I’m doing now and I just started a new site because I have more than 15 sites but all gone due to demand and when I see that the money is good, I sell it off for people who needs it and people who can pay. Blogging is all about sharing information on your site or blog for free on how to do this or that. 

It can be in any kind of niche ranging for entertainment niche where you talk about music, videos, artist etc, Health niche, sport, pets, farming, household, technology and many more. You can make money even if you are not a graduate through the traffic on your site by allowing Google Adsense place their ads on your site or you allow sponsorship post, paid ads etc.

6.  Affiliate marketing: Next to blogging is affiliate marketing because their method looks similar but not the same. Affiliate marketing is selling other peoples product through your site, link or banner. You may not own a site to do affiliate marketing but you must have a traffic source to do this. Good examples of traffic source that help you sell these products are Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and many more. 

These site pay by leads, impression or by clicks and some pay by action. There are so many affiliate site out there that pay by click or impression only if you are ready to work, promote and make sales. It become easier if you have a site or blog, you only place the affiliate banner on your blog, drive traffic to it and make sales.

7.   Trading: People say trading online is a bit technical but I see people doing it. In as much as it requires not a graduate degree or skill, I can also do it. Some of the trading ideas you can get on Google or YouTube, you only need to give yourself to learning online instead wasting your data on irrelevant things. There are thousands of free videos that talk about trading online which ranges from currency trading, to crypto currency, trading of metals, and many more. It sounds difficult but not as difficult as you think. 

People learning to trade Forex don’t have two heads meaning you can also do something, trade on demo account, master all the skills and start trading on demo. With time, you will master it and move on to live account. Forex trading or any other online trading is requires no college degree but learning and implementing what you have learnt. 

In conclusion, these are some internet business ideas we will be looking deeper into in the coming days or months. None of these requires a college degree to do but just a learning skill. These are ways to work and get paid online, starting learning to trade online, sell online, affiliate marketing, YouTube, Google Adsense, content writing, micro work, blogging and many more. Some other method and internet business will be posted in our next updates. Thanks for reading.


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  2. You see in this life, the only thing we need is information. There are lot of information online and because you aren't a graduate shouldn't limit you. Most of the online jobs doesn't requires a graduate certificate but as you said in your article that we must find time to learn and that should be all

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