Best Loan Apps That won’t Call Your Contact or Send Messages to Whatsapp List.


Loan Apps calling contacts is one of the reigning thing now that people hardly have peace simply because they borrow money from some of these loan Apps that end up calling your contacts or sending messages to them that you are owing them, that you are liar, that you are a fraud and many more.

I heard them government have been able to sensitive the public about the illegal running of some of these apps in Nigeria. Loan Apps like Lcredit, Sokoloan, gocash and many of these loan Apps begin to send messages to your contact that knows nothing about you borrowing money and repayment. 

So, there are many loan Apps that will never do this to your contact list, not that they don’t have the records but they believe the are mature ways to get their money back. Recently, some was owing fairmoney apps but instead of calling contact or defaming the person in question, they even offer a discount repayment for this person and this have  prompt him to pay back their money even in bit by bit.


It means any loan app outside the ones I’m going to be mentioning here, please run from them and the Government also warn the public to stop transacting from them because many of these loan Apps are illegal. 

These loan Apps are never 7 to 14days loan Apps, they have good customer care in case of any problem, they respond to questions fast and also offer free guide on how to improve your credit score in case you have challenges and couldn’t pay before the due date.

But the legit one and best Loan app which I will be referring to you are the following:

1. Carbon: This loan Apps was formerly known as paylater and they are very professional in whatever they do. If you are in need of cash and you seek a loan app to fill in the gap for you desperately, carbon is a fair option but the only thing about this carbon app is their interest. Carbon offer monthly repayment option and won’t call your contact or send messages to Whatsapp list when you default in payment. 

They only reduce your credit score in case of default and that is all. But borrow money from carbon if you know you are definitely going to pay back because carbon won’t defame you in any form.

2. Fairmoney loan: Another good loan app in Nigeria that won’t call your contact or send messages to your WhatsApp list is fairmoney app. I have watched fairmoney very carefully and they way they handle their loan business, I can say they are professional. 

Fairmoney only accept registration, BVN number and loan disbursed. Fairmoney also offer 30 days loan repayment plan and won’t harass or call your contact in any way. If you need a loan and you are sure of repaying the loan, then fairmoney is highly recommend. 

Fairmoney is not only a loan app but a bank because they have been officially granted license to operate as microfinance bank. Finally may reduce a token like 1% of your loan for a number of days incase of default but soon stop after 10days of deduction. I won’t be listing fairmoney loan as a loan app calling contact but a good bank. 

3. Branch app: Branch operate like the other loan Apps which was mentioned above with high credibility. Branch won’t even add any money to you money even if you default but they are good. Branch registration is also very simple with a phone registration and a

BVN confirmation and the loan will be disbursed immediately. 

Branch loan is not a loan app calling contact or a kind of loan that send defamatory messages to contacts through WhatsApp but ensure you pay back the money you borrow from branch app because this is not the kind of app you won’t pay back after borrowing money from it.  Branch loan also offer a monthly repayment method and not the usual scam loan Apps that offer 7 days repayment method. 

4. Palm credit: I wasn’t a fan of Palm credit because of some of the reviews I get concerning them which are negative but I have seen that palmcredit has really developed professionally and mean well for their customers. I see that palmcredit also offer easy buy where people pay little by little and get their electronic or phone. 

If people default on this, they disable some apps like Whatsapp till pay which I see it’s fair enough. Palm credit is not a loan calling contact app instead they call you repeatedly till you finalize on how you are going to pay. Aside that, palm credit offer a month repayment plan and won’t send messages to your contacts as well.

These four loan Apps I know won’t call your contact or send messages to your WhatsApp even if you have difficult in payment. These apps are not scam and are duly registered according to the government. I am warning you to desist from any loan app apart from these ones mentioned above. Fairmoney, Branch, Carbon and Palmcredit I know while other haven’t pass the credibility test from people.

I still taking my time to check renmoney because I see their adds everywhere. I need to know how they operate, their customer care responds, office and reviews on play store. If you have any gist concerning renmoney, don’t hesitate to let us know. I haven’t borrow any loan from renmoney but I see they are credible and I hear their loan registration exercise seems rigorous because they want the best information from you. 

Please do not borrow money from loan Apps that you won’t pay back or pay don’t intend to pay back because most of these loan Apps can disgrace especially the illegitimate ones. Please feel free to add more reliable loan Apps that won’t send message to Whatsapp or call your contact with fast disbursement of loan. Thanks for reading.


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  2. Forget loan Apps like Lcredit, Sokoloan, Go cash, they will call your contact. But fairmoney don't do that likewise branch loan

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