How to Block Loan Apps from Calling Your Contacts and Sending Messages to Whatsapp Contacts


How Can I Block Loan Apps from Calling my Contacts and Sending Messages to my Whatsapp Contacts

Loan Apps also referred to as loan sharks have cause more harm than good since they appear on the internet where people think they are doing them a favour by granting them loan within a short period of time like 7days repayment loan. 

But people realize how cruel and unprofessional these people or these loan sharks are when they start calling your contact and sending bad messages to your contacts. Sometimes ago, a loan app called a friend of mine that I owe them which I never did but even at that, I don’t think they have any right to call your friends and family because they were not there when I borrowed the loan. 

Some even claim I use someone who knows nothing about the loan as a guarantor which I believe it’s not true. All these can be trashed when you find ways of blocking these loan Apps or loan sharks as they are referred to. 


Probably, because they offer loans without collaterals, loan Apps like Gocash, Lcredit, Xcredit, Sokoloan etc will call your contacts and telling them you owe them or even send messages that you are on the run with company’s money or something bad. I used to tell people that that isn’t a good way to get your money back especially through their loan recovery agents.  

How to Block Loan Apps from Calling your contacts?

1. Uninstall their apps: Do you know that loan Apps like Lcredit will save will get access to your contact list the day you see loan from them due to permission on your phone. So, if you have ever collected money from these loan sharks, they already have you contacts on a spread sheet but don’t mind. 

Just uninstall the loan app, this will make them not get further updates on that contact. They already have your contacts but they won’t have further contacts especially the new ones. 

For people who just want to get a loan for the first time and you don’t want these loan Apps to call your contacts on or send messages to your Whatsapp friends, just use a fake phone number, let them access it, permit the app and that’s all you need. 


2. Truecaller: You can also block loan Apps from Calling your contacts through Truecaller. You pick the option of blocking scam numbers or number not on phone book. 

By the time they can’t access you again, they will rest and not call you or your contacts. Truecaller will do the work by automatically blocking their numbers from accessing you as well as others. 

3. Clear Google gmail contacts: If you don’t want the loan Apps to access your contacts list by blocking them, you also need to go clear your Gmail contacts list because they can still fetch your contacts through your Gmail account and beging to call them. 

They can still do that and send messages to your Whatsapp but try as much as possible to clear your Gmail contacts. After clearing your Gmail contacts, uninstall their app, put fake numbers there and they won’t be getting more update from that Gmail contacts but fake contacts. Doing this will give you a piece of mind and rest a little from that.

4. Disclaimer: Another thing you can do to block loan calling contacts is to do a disclaimer and send to your contacts list. Tell your contacts list that you don’t know them, that these loan Apps are scam and don’t fall for them, tell your contacts list that they want to scam them of their money and say all sort of things to make sure you are free from them. The disclaimer already pre-inform your contacts that the loan Apps are scam and fake. 

This is one method to adopt so that you don’t get bothered or pain when they start calling your contacts and some of your contacts can as well rain curses on them as block. Tell you contact to block any strange number calling them that you owe them some amount of money. 

5. Block them: Blocking them means block their calls. You will know these loan sharks or loan Apps when they call you with land line numbers. The common numbers Lcredit used is like 01888, 01540, 01570 etc when you see these numbers, just block them either you are using an Android or iphone. Block as many numbers as possible. They will continue to get more numbers to call you but block them as fast as possible. With time they will rest and won’t call you anymore. 

If you are not using Android, then put them on a black list. It’s not that you are doing so so something wrong but when they continue to call your phone contacts or sending messages that Whatsapp which means a breach of appointments, then they deserve to be blocked. 

So, these are some of the ways you can block loan Apps from Calling your contacts or sending messages to your Whatsapp contacts. Probably you don’t know that the only way to get you or do something to pain you is to call your contact or send messages to your contacts. Don’t worry yourself, don’t panic, don’t get depressed because you borrow money and couldn’t pay back at when due but ensure you pay their money. 

If you are new and just wanting to seek loan from loan Apps, please don’t get any loan from any loan shark or loan Apps that offer 7days or 14days repayment plan. Simply because most of them are scam, they are unregistered, they are illegitimately running their business without a stable office.

So, block them through your phone, block loan calling apps through your Truecaller apps, clear your Gmail account and send a disclaimer to your contacts telling them you don’t know these loan Apps. Thanks for reading.


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  2. Those people need to be blocked. some of these loan apps are no longer on playstore anymore which shows some of them are illegit and people should fall for scam again

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