What to do When Loan Apps Keeps Calling Your Contacts and Sending messages to Whatsapp Numbers


What do i do When Loan Apps Keeps Calling my Contacts and Sending messages to my Whatsapp numbers?

This is one of the trending issues right now in this country where loans apps keep sending messages to friends and whatsapp telling them you borrow loan from them and sometimes sending defamatory messages to them calling them names and threatening with phone calls. 

This has made many people get depressed, feel bad and some people died because they can’t hold it any more. There is always a solution to everything on earth because you are not the first to borrow money from loan apps and definitely not going to be the last. 

Let me sound this as a note of warning, if you don’t have facilities to pay back, please do not borrow loan from loan apps or loan site. Please try as much as possible not to borrow money from loan apps especially loan sharks that have flooded the internet now. They are dubious, evil and immature but you need to also pay your loan as promised due to the agreement you had with them. Remember you agreed on a term and condition when registering to collect loan from these apps online. 


Another issue is that apps like Lcredit, Sokoloan , Gocash, kashkash, Ajeloan and many more will call your contact and begin to embarrass you for repayment. But the basic truth is that many of these apps are not registered, some of them are not legal and pretending to be legal and I can tell you that some even use same building as office, same owner with different names and no registration at all. So, be careful and remember the Government has labeled them as illegal and that is the more reason you don’t do business with these guys again and don’t say I didn’t tell you.


Now what do you when you are already involved yourself with loan apps and they are already sending defamatory messages to your contact.  

1. Delete contact on your mails: If you using gmail, then that it’s very easy to delete your contact information by going to contacts.gmail.com or check your contact on Android phone and delete them. As at the time of registration, these loan apps already saved your location, contacts and address but deleting your contact on gmail will still go a long way to help you because they won’t be getting more updates from your gmail but they have some of your numbers 

2.  Uninstall their apps: If you already have apps like Lcredit, sokoloan and these loan sharks, just uninstall their app with immediate effect. This will also help to get further information about your activities.

3.  Create a fake phone numbers: Another way to stop these loan apps from calling your contacts or sending messages to them is to back up your phone numbers, generate another fake phone numbers and update the app. This is one way you can change your contact information on their system and clear the system cache as well.   

4. Do a Disclaimer : Another thing you can do when it comes to loan apps sending messages your contact whatsapp or defaming your because you borrow a loan from them is to send a disclaimer to your whatsapp or messages.This will alert your friend that they are fraud and call them thieves. 

Just say I (your name) don’t have anything to do with loan apps like Lcredit that you never borrow any money from them and telling the general public to be careful and stay away from them because they are scam. It shows you already inform the general public about the issued with the loan company. When the call your contact, they already know what to do. 

5.Be bold: You also need to put yourself together when dealing with loan apps because their loan collected agent with take it hard on you and frustrate you but you need to be courageous. Lcredit and sokoloan knows how to do this very well but you must be ready for them. 

Imagine your borrow some money from them and on the due date probably 14 days period, they started calling your contact that you are a thieve, that you run away with company’s money, that people should stay away from you etc and I wonder if that is the best way to collect money from loan defaulters? Stand well for them because the loan collection agent with fire you and be ready to fire back.  

6.  Be at peace: You just be at peace with yourself and try as much as possible to overlook the shame that comes with these loan sharks sending messages to your whatsapp or calling your contact that you owe them money. If any of these loan apps should send messages to your contact or call your contact like your boss, are you still going to pay back their money? 

That is the big question I ask people and I believe even their collection agents too don’t really have sense on that. Calling my contacts who wasn’t there when I borrowed money from your company is defamatory and that is bad. So, if the loan apps are on your neck then be a peace, because their issue is getting settled and family members and friend who aren’t there to help should call you and ask you what happen between you and lcredit and you deny them that thy try to scam you.

7. Report to FCCPC: If they have send various defamatory messages to your contact that you are a thief, that you are a criminal, that you are sick etc just screenshot these messages and send it to FCCPC which is the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection  Commission. You can find them on facebook, twitter or send them mail about their threats and defamation. They will act on your behalf, some of these apps where busted from their hideouts called office earlier this year and they made it known to the public that these loan apps are running illegal businesses and you need to be careful of them

So these are some of the things you need to do when loan apps keep calling your contacts or sending messages to your whatsapp. Just be calm and don’t get depressed because you borrowed money and couldn’t pay. You didn’t kill anyone but you only borrowed money and that is all. Even the Federal government has labeled them as illegal and that is why you don’t need to worry about them. Move on and enjoy your day with your family and if you are in business, do your business well. Thanks for reading.


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  2. You don't need to worry yourself fccpc already start removing them from playstore and stiffening their laws on them

  3. Information reaching us ascertain that most of these loan Apps are illegal and for calling your contact list and sending messages to Whatsapp numbers is illegal. Stay away from them

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