How to Handle Online Loan App Harassment and Have Peace of Mind


How can I deal or handle online loan app harassment and have peace of mind? 

What an interesting question I receive from one of our readers who has been suffering from loan app harassment on the hand of some of these loan app and if you are among this group of people who have been harassed, then you have come to the right site because I will be telling you the various ways you can handle this online loan app harassing you and you have peace. 

Lot of people have been depressed on the hand of some of these loan app recovery agents, some people have been abused, cursed and so many friends and family already know that you borrow money from loan apps like sokoloan or lcredit simply because they lot of people that you owe them. 

But this doesn’t go well for people who are soft hearted, people who don’t like embarrassment and people who can’t take it. Loan app is well pronounced some months back when the Government didn’t intervene on the issue but now the Government has intervened and people are beginning to know the truth about these loan apps when FCCPC visit some of their office telling them to reduce their harassment on people where some of their gadget were seized and warned of any more calls. 


Loan app harassment is almost killed many people even people who borrowed as low as 3k or 5k got their messages in the sense that they call your families, call your in-laws, friends, pastors, parent and many more. 

As if that isn’t enough they send messages to your whatsapp contact which your picture and address that you are an ex convict, some will say you run away with company’s money while some will go as far as telling your friends that you are a thieve. 

All these we decided to write few things you can do to have peace of mind despite the harassment you get from online loan apps like lcredit, sokoloan, gocash etc. 

You can handle this loan harassment by doing the following; 

1. Place a disclaimer: If you are one fo those who has been harassed by online loan apps like lcredit, you can handle this situation and have peace of mind by placing a disclaimer either on your whatsapp status or on facebook. 

You say I (name) I don’t know these loan app calling that I owe and people should disregard their calls and that they are scam. This disclaimer will help you out through pre information given to your people that you don’t know them, this will give you peace and you won’t be dealing with so many calls trying to prove anything. 

2. Report to FCCPC: There was a time lcredit and sokoloan send many messages to me about someone on my contact list owing them and running away from paying. I call the guy and he told me he’s just a day default and they already sending messages to people about you, then he refuse to pay that he’s been defamed. 

I just told him to get one of the messages that wa sent to his contacts on whatsapp, screenshot it and send it to this email: [email protected] . You also can also do the same if you have been harassed over the loan you couldn’t pay. They also harass people who don’t even use their apps only because they are friend to someone and these loan apps start sending messages to whatsapp friends etc. Just screenshot their messages and send it to FCCPC with their email above. 


3; Use Truecaller: One of the best ways to handle loan app harassment to have peace is to use Truecaller. This is a very good app that identifies the callers and you have the option of blocking, tracking and deleting their calls. You can also block spam numbers which I like most, you can also block numbers that are not saved on your phone, block their like or block all incoming calls suspected to be spam or scam.

 There are other interesting features on truecaller app which will be needed for you to have peace by blocking the loan app numbers or blacklist them. If you see that you can’t cope with their harassment again, please you truecaller option to block them and carry on with your life till you have the money to pay them. 

4. Block their calls: Incase you don’t have truecaller or you aren’t using an android phone, ever phone has a function of block calls or blacklist. You can use this to block their numbers or blacklist the number. Their numbers are usually landline and just block the number when you see. 

And for the harassment of calling your contacts or raining curses on them, tell your friends to block them as well and that is all you need. If you don’t block their numbers the threats will continue and you may end up having blood pressure but if you want peace of mind, block their lines fast. 

5. Change your card info: Not only call blocking or reporting the online loan apps, you also need to change your card info. You need to change your pin, password or change the whole card. The biggest form of harassment you can get from these loan apps is forceful deduction of your money since they have access to the card. 

In order to prevent any authorized access to your card or bank account, change your card information which will prevent further deduction now or in the future. It doesn’t cost you anything to do this, just get your app and change your password and card pin but if you owe multiple of these loan app, then get another card straight. 

6. Ignore their Threats: The last thing to do after blocking, after using truecaller and reporting is to make sure you ignore their threats. If you don’t find a way of ignoring their calls, then you will be a victim of fear and get depressed. There are so many facebook group telling people to please ignore their threats and it works. 

Don’t worry yourself even the Government has exposed them that most of the loan apps are not running legitimately and you don’t need to suffer any form of harassment anymore. Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “How to Handle Online Loan App Harassment and Have Peace of Mind”

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  2. Sokoloan , Gocash and Lcredit are off the playstore now, we still have other that offers such outrageous loan and people still fall for them. I just pity people still going for these loan Apps, they are here to destroy people by giving the kind of loan they can't pay

  3. Thanks for the comments, what I tell people about loan Apps is that people need to just let them go. You can't seek a loan and repay back in 7days, that is bad loan leading to bad debt

  4. Thanks for info, loan app and the likes are evil and one bad thing that has happen to us. Lcredit, Sokoloan, Gocash all must be ban. Pls like the writer say, stay very far away from these apps for your own good.

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