How to Invest Online Without any Money and Earn Big Over a Long Term Legitimately


I have noticed that having a long term investment plan online is the best because it brings more more than you ever expected. By the time your investment blow up, you will be happy and feel good for investing in such business. If you and I aren’t billionaire’s son or daughter, we must find ways of helping ourselves and investing into the future legitimately

Investing on yourself and investing online in a legit manner is one sure way to make considerable income on the side but when people hear investment, they run and never come back. That’s why I said investment with no money is one sure way to grab their attention back to you. 

Recently, many online programs are crashing especially high yield investment and with the current situation in Europe now, it’s even worse due to high fees, high charges and inflation setting -in in many part of the world. 

There are some things people do online with their phones that generates money only through their phone or no internet connected PC. I noticed that people fall for scam when they hear about new business or new ways of making money online and rush into it and before you know it, they pump in more money and the organizers of the program go offline leaving people clueless and also in shock. 


So, the best way to invest online on a long term and earn big over time is to do the following;

1. Affiliate marketing: The concept of affiliate marketing is not that hard but understanding the basics is what matters. Affiliate marketing is all about selling of products through your Facebook page, Instagram page, Whatsapp and all social media. 

Affiliate marketing is a long term thing because by the time you start making sales, you start up and later blow up. Just Google search some affiliate sites in your area, check their means of payment and registration, register to get their affiliate code or banner and start promoting the banner or link where you make money legitimately on any sales or lead from your page to the link.

2. Adsense: This is a way to earn big after investing over a long time by way of allowing Google to place ads on your site. Adsense is a very old method of earning money over a long time without investing any money but making money from adverts served by Google. 

The idea is the older your adsense account is, the better for you. You work for Google and make money by either writing on a blog or by making videos. This takes us to the next point of blogging for adsense and YouTube for adsense. 

3. Blogging: Blogging is such a legit investment without any money. You just write and update your blog for a couple of month where you begin to monetize the contents overtime. I opened a blog free on blogger hosting with a custom domain of just 2 dollars and I was able to sell the blog for 70k within two months. 

People got interested in it and it got valued when I apply for Adsense and it got accepted. Blogging is one of the oldest way to make money but I see it as investment. If you open a blog today and just think about what the blog will be like in the next couple of years, it’s such a beautiful investment which requires nothing from you but time and contents. Don’t be scared, you can’t lack contents in this current world of ours where there are so activities going on on the internet.

4. YouTube: YouTube is just like blogging but it involves making videos. Your videos can be in any niche and area of life but your contents will be monetized over a long period of time. I see making of videos as an investment which requires no money or capital but you will earn big overtime doing this especially if you have 1000 subscribers and 4k hours watch time. 

If you have an Android phone with good camera, then that’s just what you need for now. You may find it interesting now but it’s promising overtime. People with YouTube without monetization still make money from their large audience through private ads, sponsored videos or through mentions. 

Have you noticed the rate at which people are making short videos and skits these days and people are enjoying those skits, doing this makes them have sponsored ads on their videos but it can be achievable on a long term.

5. Selling: If you have a skill or you have a a product to sell, you can invest online legitimately through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc and on a long term, you will be making sales. 

You don’t just upload your business in a day and start making money big time that same day, week or months but overtime, you will break even at a later stage. I have seen many businesses pick up after a long term and doing well. So, start something, start a business, start a investment especially on a long term and you will like it when it blows up later along the line.

6. Teaching:  Another way to invest without cash and earn big over a long period of time is to teach online. Start a channel where you teach people your area of expertise, your area of skill, what works for you or your niche. I have been seeing teachers teach their area of subject online and they are getting views from it. 

I was watching a YouTube channel where someone was teaching maths and each time this man uploads his math tutorial, he get like 300k views from each, imagine how much the man will be making from that channel. I also have a friend who knows how to read, write and teach french, I tutor her to start teaching french online and that’s all. 

If you see her channel today, she’s big, very original and doing well. So, what did she do, only invested her time in making quality videos and she earn big overtime, this is known as long term investment. You can also do the same, just think, get your android phone to work, create videos, teach people and earn big over a long term. 

In conclusion, irrespective of what you are doing either low paying job or you don’t have any job at all, please start something on all what I have listed above. It takes nothing from you but just time. Time can also be a valuable asset even if you don’t have much money to invest but you can Invest your time while still doing your normal job and overtime, you earn big from your investment which is very legit. 

Go through all what we’ve discussed and if you have any question on it, use the comment box or send a message through the contact us badge. Thanks for reading


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  2. I'm finding affiliate marketing hard but been losing on forex these days as if there's a force following forex. I will rather stick to this and make money on a long term. Fast money isn't good enough anyway but making money on a long term is the best and give rest of mind

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