List of Businesses Most People Don’t Know Pay Better Than White Collar Jobs


What are the list of Businesses I can start that pay well than white collar jobs in Nigeria? We received this from a fan and I believe we all need to learn from this and that is the more reason I decided to update it on the site so that everyone can learn from it.

If you look at the situation of things now, the country commerce is in a bad shape with inflation on the rice, unemployment on the rise and businesses closing down really fast due to so many factors that are beyond our scope economically.

But irrespective of this, people still rely on getting a white collar job in Nigeria not knowing that there are businesses that still pays better than white collar jobs. That is why some people who didn’t go to school are even richer than the educated one’s because they took their time usually many years to figure out what works for them.



These business that people don’t know pays eve higher than white collar jobs are;

1. Mechanic: Mechanics are really doing well in Nigeria and people don’t know. My car had a fault which I knew I couldn’t fix but when I called this mechanic man, he claim he’s going to change something and ended up collecting 15k from me. 

I wonder how much he makes in a day if he collect as low as 10k only from 5 cars a day. Isn’t that higher than what some while collar jobs pay per month? They are not even graduate but they learn this as a skill which you too can. 

2. Phone repairs: I have a friend who repairs phones and he’s doing very well. He’s building his house, planning to buy a car and also have another shop somewhere with his brother managing it. If he collect like low as 2k for mouth piece issue and high for change of screen, these people are making money more than white collar jobs. 

They are not even graduate but they learn this and over the years, they became very good at what they do. Although it involves risk of damaging someone’s phone but someone told me that he’s always very careful when handling big phones. 

3. Charcoal business: This is what a woman does in my area for many years and still doing it. If it wasn’t as lucrative to her, she wouldn’t have continued. She said to me that charcoal business is good and pay high only if you understand how it works like how much per bag, how much per pick-up and how to pieces and sell. The demand is still very high because of bakery, caterers and people who still use it.

4. Amazon KDP Business: I heard about this long ago but I wasn’t involved in it until someone put me through the idea and I see it’s a gold mine. You need to register with the site, check a list of publishers books and list them for sale where you get paid based on commission usually 50 – 50 or 70 to 30%. People are still interested in buying good books that add value to lives. 

5.  Driving: Because of the situation of the country, many people are leaving their white collar jobs for driving especially in crowded place like Lagos. I also like transportation and being saving up to get a car, register with bolt or Uber and start business. 

Only high paying collar jobs can be higher than driving based on what they earn per week as a bolt or Uber driver. Not only that, driving tricycle and motorcycle is also very lucrative in town now despite Government ban.on some areas due to illegal activities.

4. Palm oil business: A friend of mine venture into this business and make me understand that the business is a gold mine. People go to villages to buy these palm oil in kegs and sell to people in urban areas. 

Palm oil is high in demand because we use it to cook, so it definitely earn higher than some White Collar jobs. Imagine buying a keg for 50k and selling it 52k, so if you buy 20 kegs at that same price, you make extra  40k only on 20 kegs after transportation.

5. Smoked fish: Some people think that smoking of fish isn’t that lucrative but it actually pay higher than some white collar jobs. When it comes to agro products, it’s not really a bad idea. 

6. Forex: If you talk about any business that pay higher than any white Collar jobs, it is definitely forex but very risky. This is one of the most risky online work I have seen because you can blow up your account within a short time and also double up the account within a short time as well. To trade forex, you must learn deeply the skill and expert moves to trade it but it worth it.

7. Scrap Business: There’s money in scarp business and that is what is really making wave now. The recycling industry is waking up to recycle more and need expansion. So people keep cartons, plastics, nylons etc in exchange for cash. That is what some people do daily or weekly and they are really making some cash with it.

8.  POS Business : If you have a nice location where there’s a dense population, then POS will do well in such area. No matter level of supply of POS agent you will still make your money.

9. YouTube: Doing videos and uploading to YouTube is one trending ways to make money online. YouTubers are one of the highest paid now due to hundreds and thousand of views they get on their monetized contents. 

It may take a while to have 1000 subscribers and 4k watch hours but it’s definitely good and it pay higher than most white collar jobs which people don’t know. It cost you nothing to start YouTube but your phone and internet connection. 

10. Bakery Business: I felt like with the high price of bakery raw materials, people may not be involved in bakery Business again but it wasn’t so. Instead these bakers deduced ways of managing their business to earn more. 

11. Affiliate marketing: This is a business people don’t know pay higher than white collar job because I have seen people making high income simply by selling other people’s product. It’s not stressful but only requires you to register with an affiliate site, grab their banner code or link code and start sharing to drive traffic to it. The are still some affiliate site that are reputable to work for because you get paid.

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12.  Learn a skill: One of the thing that is really making wave now in term of money making better than office jobs or white collar job is to learn a skill. I have seen people working from home and getting paid high amount of money like someone working for Google through data science and analytics. 

Not only that there are many skills in every area of life that will pay your bills later as the time goes on. 

13. Cryptos: Cryptocurrency is one of the new ways people make money now by Investing their money in btc and leaving for a while or exchanging through it to rake some profits. 

If you look at the current situation now, cryptos seems to be selling now and still going down but I can tell you that this is the best time to buy now that btc is going down. People even trade cryptos and I can tell you that they are so rich even better than white collar job.

14. Barbing saloon: Cutting of hair is also very lucrative and if an average barber can make like 10k a day even more than that on weekends, how many white collar job can get as high as that amount? You don’t need to go to school to learn barbing, you only to learn from the expert or employ them. 

Barbing is good and it’s a necessity for every man both young and old to barb or shave their hair weekly. It’s a good business, people who are doing business will tell you that they can’t do any white collar job and get 50k per month.

15. Laundry: Laundry business is also a good business that works for many. If you already have one or two customers, it will grow overtime and you will be comfortable with your earnings.

16. Fabrics: This one is very common among ladies and women and it’s one of the oldest way of making money. You only need to locate a place where you could buy at cheaper price and sell at moderate price. 

17. Information marketing: Information marketing is wide and you can pick from any wide range of services under this category to make a living through it. It could be content marketing, YouTube, video making, blogging, affiliate marketing and many more.

18. Phone accessories: Buying of phone accessories like charger, earpiece, cord,. Skincase, cover etc can be gotten at cheap price in the market and sold for moderate price. When you get to the market especially people who sells wholesales, you will understand that there’s money in phone accessories.

19. Wine business: Some people do wine business by buying and selling of wine. They bought at cheap price and some may even sell high. Now that we are approaching the rainy season, liquor market will be at the peak.

20. Real estate: Real estate business is wide also but you can still start from somewhere. Some people still trade real estate but selling and buying of properties is high lucrative even more than some white collar jobs. You can get more information on real estate by making research on Google.

21. Frozen foods: Frozen foods is good because it’s consumables and food but the only problem you might probably encounter is if there’s a bad electricity in that area of choice. 

But it’s a good business the electricity situation in your area is good. I have seen a woman drop her teaching job for selling of frozen foods items and she’s doing well now and cannot even go back to the white collar job she was doing earlier.

22. Clearing and forwarding: helping people to clear their good is also very lucrative. It requires no special skills but understanding how it’s been done. 

More and more businesses of this kind will be posted in our next update. Please keep your fingers cross and subscribe to this site to get fresh update from us. Thanks


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