Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria That Does Not Require Huge Amount of money to Start


Afterer the COVID-19 pandemics, it opened up our eyes to the fact that some jobs aren’t even worth it but businesses can do better. Please don’t get it twisted that businesses don’t really work for all and salary jobs doesn’t even work for some as well. Because some people can’t just do salary jobs based on what they earn daily or weekly in Nigeria.

This brought us to the fact that some business are really very lucrative in Nigeria and still requires small amount of money to start. I have received lot of questions on this and I feel we need to list out some businesses you can do with as low as 20k with or without space and it grows overtime. Some businesses can run for a few period and do well while some businesses take a while to pick up.

In our previous post, we discussed and listed some good business people don’t know know pay higher than some white collar jobs and you will see the link below as you read on with this post. 


So, the list of the lucrative business you can start with no huge amount with good profits in Nigeria are;


1. POS Business: POS Business is one of the trending business in Nigeria now where you make good amount of money doing it. It requires no huge amount but opening an account with the bank, apply for POS machine and load it. If you area is a kind of crowded area or a bus stop, then I can assure you it will work. So many people have been doing this and not regretting it.

2. Event planning: Event planning don’t require huge amount of money to start but it’s lucrative. At first, you can join your teacher or mentor to work in which you gather more knowledge, more skills and begin your business little by little. A step of fabric, flowers, materials can be used over and over again which makes it look like an investment.

3. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one way to sell other people’s business. There are many affiliate sites looking for people to help them sell their products right here in Nigeria. You can use your social media profiles to sell, your blog, word of mouth or other methods, you get the affiliate codes or banner and start promoting to your followers or you do paid ads with Facebook or Google only if you’ve seen changes and already making money.

4. Telecommunications: Telecommunication can be in any form through printing of recharge cards, selling of data, selling of phones etc. You start small and blow up later, you can search more information on start this kind of business.

5. Pure water business: Pure water business isn’t that expensive to start but distribution is what really matters, that is ensuring your pure water bags get to the final consumer. It’s very lucrative and require no too much amount of money to start this. Sealing machine, nylon, and power seems to be the only expenses you do.

6. Real estate network marketing: This is one of the cheapest but very lucrative business to start. I hear their adverts even on radio most of the time and I believe you don’t need a shop, space, or huge amount of money to start this. 

This only thing you need is your internet connected phone, Facebook or Whatsapp account and that all. Just go online, post reputable real estate site and become their affiliate, that is all you need to join them.

7. Women’s wear: Some women wear aren’t that expensive to start but really cheap when you go to big market. Some of these cloths are fairly used wears and they get it very cheap from the source. It’s not very expensive to start but it’s okay for a start up. 

8. Fabrics: Those old women who are very rich in some part of the state seems to understand that fabric business is really cool. For example, you go to factory to buy senator material, cut and resell at moderate price. 

You will not only make money but  you will know people who have been doing the business for a long time where they share experience on how to make it grow bigger with you. 

9. Perfume oil business: A lady went to Dubai, bought some beautiful perfume with some little bottles. She gave it to her sister to sell at 1.5k, she then realized that she make almost 100% of the money she bought the perfume and call it a good business. 

Now, I can see so many people doing this business now and everywhere. You might not go to Dubai but there are good stores around that sells this perfumes at cheaper rate.

10. Shoemaking: Shoemaking requires no huge amount but only a skill. I have seen women learning how to make shoes, palm slippers, lady’s footware and many more. That’s what some people do to earn a living and it’s working very well for them, some people told me that it’s very lucrative and require no huge amount to start. 

11. Egg depot: My neighbor only business is egg business and she’s doing well with this. She started as low as 30k and she worth more than 300k as profit according to what she said. Although the price of egg is going high these days and that is why they make more money as a reseller to the poultry owners.

12. CAC registration: You male money from what people can’t do theirselves but you can do it. CAC registration is what is making money for some people and it’s cool. They collect money issue by the Government and also they Collect their charges on it. 

I might not have the time to do all these but there’s someone who’s helping me do it. The same thing apply to driver’s license, national id card and more. It requires nothing to start and no huge amount but taking a step to know what it taken is what matters. 

13. Selling of skills: You can sell you skill to people inform of a book, video or coaching and they will pay. Their are so many skills you can learn and apply. Some are even what you can do and sell your ideas to people and they will pay for sharing the ideas.

14. Food items: Food item like palm oil business is really good because we can’t do without these commodities. People go to farm or villages to buy at cheap price, they take to urban area to sell to retailers or shop owners and it’s very lucrative. 

15. Body enhancement: So many people want to lose weight, many want a flat tummy, some ladies want a waist girdle, and other body enhancement materials. People will buy and these items aren’t so expensive to start but it’s lucrative.

16. Video making: This is one of the most lucrative business to make good money on a long run but it’s very cheap to start. It only requires no big material but only your phone camera, some few apps on your phone like video compressor and YouTube channel. Opening a channel is free but requires you to get 1k subscribers and a 4k watch time. 

This will make you get qualified for YouTube partnership program like Adsense where you make money on adverts placed on your channel or through views generated through your videos. 

These are businesses that requires no huge amount of money to start but very lucrative. Feel free to add more through the comment box so we all can learn from you. Thanks for reading.


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  2. I like this because it contain lot of listed businesses. But I have. Problem of not being able to manage business properly although my job pay well. Business isn't easy though

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