How to Get Quick Loan in Nigeria Without Harassment or Problem


In what ways can one get quick loan in Nigeria without harassment or problem?
If you seek reputable ways to get quick loan in Nigeria without harassment or stress, then this update is for you. Ensure you read carefully till the end and use the ideas to get what you want, use it well and repay your loan as promised. Repayment of loan borrowed from reputable companies helps a lot because it boost your credit scores and open more ways to get higher loan. 

The best way to get any loan as quick as possible is through your bank.Gone are those days when people still use to think that Nigerian banks don’t give loans to the poor, loan are accessible to all now thanks to the CBN for providing banks with such money. Before we go to getting a quick loan, let quickly mention that there are area you don’t just go if you now they aren’t meant for you. 

Example includes using loan apps which seems to be one of the worst options. One of the reasons you don’t use loan apps to get loan is that they offer 7 – 14days repayment method which is illegal even from CBN and they harass you big time.
They call your contacts even if you default by just two days and even send messages to your Whatsapp list. Your whatsapp list is even the worst because they know nothing about what you did, how you borrowed money and also when you took the loan from them, they also claim you use their number as guarantor. 

So, the best way you get quick loan in Nigeria without harassment or problem includes;


1.  Your Bank: One of the best ways to get either a quick loan or soft loan without harassment or problem is to use your bank. The loan system is so upgraded now that you don’t need to go to the bank anymore to fill a sort of document or submitting a collateral but what is required now is your usage of the account. Getting loan is even the fastest for people who use their account as salary account because it get automatically updated and they will be fast in offering you a loan. 

For instance, Gtbank salary account get access to loan through the ussd code or through the app, whichever way you want it as long as it’s a salary account. But for non salary account, most of the bank also offer loan to users as well. The only thing is that the account must run, must be very active for good number of months or week and that is all you need. If you check the app by login in, just go to loans and you will see the section where you’ve been offered loan, claim the loan and get it disbursed into your account as fast as possible. 


Your bank won’t harass you in any form, they won’t even defame you as some loan apps does and you may not encounter any problem if you get loan from your bank. I am using this medium to tell people that your bank can give you loan if you need and if you use the account frequently. Google search your bank ussd code to get loan or login through your bank app and seek loan from the loan menu.

2. Registered loan app: Just like your bank being the most reputable way to get a loan fast without anybody harassing you or without stress, there are some loan apps that can also fill in the gap as well for you. There are good loan apps such as carbon, branch and fairmoney. These companies are very good but their interest rate might be a little bit higher than the bank but they also require no collateral, no stress, and no problem with fast disbursement of funds. These three online loan are the most legit, registered and they have their own office accessible to all. 

Please if the online bank claim to be legit and wooing you to come borrow loan from them out the big three we mentioned here as Branch, Carbon and Fairmoney, please run for your life because they are fake. How do you a loan app is fake and illegal? When they offer 7 to 14 days repayment method is one good way to now a fraud or illegal loan apps and that is the more reason you need to run for your life because most of them are scam.

3.  Online Bank: You can also get an online loan quickly without any harassment, problem or collateral in Nigeria through online bank. I never knew there are some online banks operating in Nigeria and very legit. These banks still give loans and they won’t even harass you or give you problem. There are many of these registered Nigerian banks on Google playstore and a good example is Kuda bank. There are over hundreds of bank that operate like kuda bank with other interesting features you might like aside getting loan from them after few months of banking with them.   

4. Micro finance banks: There are many micro finance bank that offer loans to their customers and they are also very legit. There are many of them where you register, bank for a while with them and seek loan. I can imagine a long list of legit micro finance banks that also provide loan offer to their customers while surfing the internet for loans in Nigeria. We have common one  

5.  Reputable lenders: I am not really sure of this because I haven’t use one before but people claim that there are good and trusted lenders out there that you can get loan from. Please don’t fall for scam simply because you want a loan desperately but take you time to know if the lenders are legit, trusted and can are legally permitted to do so. 

Some group of lenders has their page on social media like Facebook but don’t be scammed of your hard earned money. I really don’t know much about these lenders but if you know, please educate us on how they operate and provide physical address where some of these private lenders are along with their interest rate. 

So, these are ways to get loan quickly in Nigeria without getting harassed or without problem. From what we discussed, we said you need to get the loan through your bank or ussd if you have a salary account or not, use some bank apps, get loan from the three registered loan apps, check some loan offers from micro finance banks near you and try out some reputable lenders. Thanks for reading.


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  2. One funny tings about getting loan is that people don't even know they can get a loan directly through their bank app or ussd without going to the bank. It's cool you enlightened us rather than patronizing some loan Apps that are irresponsible

  3. Getting Loan from banks seem easy now unlike before when people don't have access to loans. Banks now provide loans to people especially people who r doing business and salary account.

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