Is Google Adsense the Best Way to Work Online and Earn Money for Beginners


If you are a beginner and you seek various ways to work and earn money online, I can tell you the oldest method of working and making money online I know and personally recommend is Google Adsense. I have been on this program for a long time and I see it’s still very relevant, that is why I feel I need to let people know how real and relevant Adsense is even in the world of today. 

There are various ways to make money online and various online jobs either easy or not but my first way I earn my first money through the internet is through Google Adsense. Then Google used to send check payments but they now use bank wire to send payments to million of publishers throughout the world cutting across US, UK, Canada, Europe etc



Even as a beginner who know nothing about work online and I got my first paycheck from Google Adsense and after a while I stopped because I sold the sites but I am in again not really for the money at first but for the fun of it and I am used to working online and earning from Google. It can also work for you by starting to work with Adsense or getting someone to explain how this can work for you. 

Is Google Adsense the best way to work online and earn money for beginners? Yes it is especially if you are a beginner and don’t know too much of other online businesses. Why not try as much as possible to start from somewhere and later you divert into other online jobs or businesses. 

I have seen so many people complain of losing money on various on investment programs and still not gain anything from it. I friend of mine was investment in cryptos and was investing with large some of money but I see that cryptos isn’t really stable and just fee days ago, one of his investment on cryptos crashed and was like I need to go back to basis which is Adsense.

Another person was investing in forex as he got burnt when he was trading gold which is highly volatile. Before he could say anything, he blew up his account and confess that forex is more than you think and I need to go back to my Adsense. Take a look at this two situation, you will see that Adsense still remain the same, unchanged and even getting better.  

The main reasons why adsense still remain as the best way to work online and earn money for beginners is that;

1. It’s legit: Adsense is very legit and registered in the US. It is owned by Google inc and pay publishers in many part of the world. Adsense will never tell you to pay any money to use their platform but free for all and Adsense has been in existence for many years ago. 

Adsense will never defraud you but  pay you after accumulation of your earnings at the end of the month, straight to your bank account even if you are anywhere in the world.

2. They pay prompt: Adsense is also good for beginners who want to work online because they pay promptly. Every 21st of the month is their pay day unless it’s on non working hours. So, AdSense payment is very sure and cool.

3. Plain: Adsense is plain in the sense that whatever you get as a publisher, you get paid of it. For instance, if you blog generate lot of organic traffic and your adsense revenue is around $100, Adsense will pay you on your next payout unless you tend to defraud by engaging in sharp practices like encouraging clicks and many more.

4. Easy registration: As a beginner, Adsense registration isn’t that stressful but easy. You register with your Gmail, you connect your site and the adsense team mail your pin to verify your address when your earning approached $10. So, if your threshold reach $100, you get paid which is very sure.

Now, there are many ways to work with Adsense and the two ways are;

1. Blogging with Adsense: Like I said earlier that Blogging is one of the oldest method of working online and getting paid by Google for your work. As a beginner, you do this by getting a domain name and a hosting which can be free on platforms like blogger or paid through hosting websites like namecheap, godaddy, hostigator and many more. 

You choose a niche which is your area of expertise or what you enjoy doing. It can be inform of sport, entertainment, business, finance, social media and many more. You blog about this for a while and register with Adsense to place ads and display ads on your site. You get paid by commission you get due to clicks on your site and as it goes on like that, it increases and you get paid when it get to threshold of about $100. 

You add more contents on the site and just not any contents but relevant contents and Google display ads on your site where you earn based on clicks or impression. This is called blogging and more of this will be posted more on this site as you follow us on our update.

2. Youtubing with Adsense: Youtubing is somewhat similar to blogging but this is a video content way of providing information. As a beginner, you make videos through your video camera or video camera and upload on YouTube. 

You drive traffic to this video or allow your video to be picked by YouTube where you get more organic traffic coming your way. When you have the required traffic like having 1k subscribers and 4k watch time, then you will be invited to join the YouTube monetization program through adsense . 

This will make Google display ads inside your videos and you make some money through commission and money generated from the ads. I believe you must have been conversant with video ads on YouTube while watching videos on YouTube. If you see any ads on that video, it shows the owner of the channel is monetized and will receive payment at the end of the month through YouTube monetization program which is Adsense. 

Base on our explanation and discussion, you might have seen that Google Adsense is one of the way to work online and earn money online as a beginner. Start blogging your way to victory and getting financially independent and well as start also making videos and uploading to YouTube. 

With time, opportunities will come your way like private adverts which also other ways to make money from your contents or videos aside the AdSense. I think I’ve been able to give  answers to your question ways to work online as a newbie and make money. Adsense is not risky, not volatile but legit and slow way to work online and get paid. Thanks for reading.


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  2. No matter how we trade forex or cryptos, those are highly volatile trading business but reverse us the case when it comes to Adsense. It's slow and steady but very good

  3. I will follow your steps and ideas posted here. You are very good in providing information. I have falling for multiple scam but working with adsense is a kind of investment

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