Is Agriculture the Best Business to do and Earn Money for Beginners


Talking about the best business in the world for anyone to start and earn money, Agriculture can never be underated because we learn from elementary economics that Agriculture is the only thing that sustain any economy then any other elements like industrialization, modernization, digitalization etc can come in later. 

If you are a beginner who want to go into agriculture as business, I can tell you now that it’s a good business simply because many farmers are smiling to the bank at this time. Coupled with the fact that the economic situation now in many part of the world is not really balance but people must eat and for the people around the world to eat, some set of people must plant who are referred to as the producers. 


The COVID-19 period teaches more insight on the relevance of Agriculture as a sure business. During the COVID-19 crisis, people couldn’t go to work, people work from home either public or private and people eat. This has confirmed it that Agriculture is a good business anywhere in the world especially in some countries like Nigeria where people are facing economic downside which is putting more pressure on food because some farmers are diverting their products while some bandits are also destroying people’s farm and kidnapping them.


But if you have land and little capital, you can start Agriculture like livestock farming, poultry farming, plant cultivation, animal husbandry, fish farming and many more. I knew about about Agriculture many years ago about being the best business in the world like in Canada, USA, China and Nigeria but how many people are involved in it? 

Agriculture is the best business to do right now and earn money for beginners based on the following ideas;

1. Government grants: I noticed that of all businesses people do all over the world, Agriculture still remains of the businesses Government support morally and financially through loans, grants, financial assistance etc. Even the Government knows that one of the businesses that will sustain any economy is Agriculture and they have to invest heavily in it. 

China and Canada are one of the best economy in the world but what assisted mostly is Government intervention in farming through loans and grants. The Nigerian government through the CBN gave out grants and soft loans to farmers which has really helped. That is the more reason I selected Agriculture business for beginners to do and make money as the year progresses. 

2. Subsidies: Not only loans or grants, Government also roll out various programs to farmers to educate them and also subsidized a lot of farm product like agro chemicals, fertilizers, machines all at cheap price because they’ve been laid for by the government through subsidies. It means if you are a beginner that just want to go into business, farming is favorable to you with favorable Government policies.

3. Demand and Supply: If anyone want to start any business, you must look into the major economic principle of it like in the area of demand and supply. In elementary economics, the demand for a commodity tells more on the prospect of the business. If the demand for any product is high like we have for Agricultural produce now, the the producers will supply more to make more money which increases the level of income of such producer. 

Increase in demand for Agricultural products is making the farmers increase price and nothing you can do about it. For instance, I couldn’t buy a corn simply because of its price skyrocket but other people with money bought that same corn because they have the money. The bottom point is that for Agriculture products, the demand is high and supply is moderate and can be low in some areas.

4. No special skills: Although agriculture requires special skills but not to the extent that you must get a PhD to run it. It’s not that tedious and expertise can set in the area of diseases or treatment of animals or plants. 

Most Northerners who are the highest farmers in Nigeria don’t even go to school to do such business but they employ the service of these professionals to the farm to check the health status of their crops and animals. Going into agriculture in the area of animals and crops cultivation doesn’t requires too much of skills compared to other businesses.

5. Ready Market: Agriculture is one of the best business for a beginner because the market is ready for it. Agriculture provide consumable goods, it provide foods, fruits, meat, fish, milk, nuts, all which are must take for anyone to live. For distance, A friend of mine harvested about 1000 adult Catfishes and took it to the market, he sold all without marketing anything. 

Just two people bought about 1one thousand Catfishes in a single day and get paid, it shows there’s an already made market for it. You only need to be wise and choose wisely which area of agriculture you want to face and do business with.

6. Export: Exporting Agricultural products is one of the best lucrative businesses a beginner can do because it’s very lucrative. Many countries might be going out of cereals soon due to war, shortages of materials, seeds, etc. That is why Exporting agro products now is still very relevant. 

Someone said he’s making so much money from exploring cassava and sugar cane because these are primary ingredients in producing sugar and others. That is why Agriculture is still much of a good business anyone can do right now.

7. No wastage: If you noticed that Agricultural product usually don’t permit wastage. Anything by product is useful in other areas. If the animal dungs is being used as manure and covering of crops like beans or rice are used to feed animals, then it’s a good business. 

As a beginner who want to venture into agriculture, always know that nothing is a waste when it comes to plants and animals. If you look at the by product of animals and plant, you will see that all are still very relevant in other are as. Like animal skin can be converted into leather for producing shoes, belts, bags. Animal bones, feathers, blood, hoof, horns aren’t classified as wastage but can be sold for extra income to other farmers.

In conclusion, I think you must have seen it now that Agriculture is one of the best business to do and make money as a beginner or starter due to our discussion above. I made known that Agriculture is good because it involves more Government grants, more Government subsides, more loans, it has high demand for it’s prodcuts, and no special skill is required. 

Agriculture also have ready Market to buy from you, the export is good and demanding and it usually have no wastage. All these reasons put together makes it a good business to start and make money from it. Thanks for reading. 


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  2. I have a friend in Canada who is doing well in Agriculture and all these claim were the same as he said if only you treat it as a business. Nothing is a waste trulyy

  3. It's just a great piece of information. I like your business ideas you shared especially on farming. But the idea is that farming is wide

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