How to Get Loan Fast Without BVN in Nigeria and Without Atm Card


Can i Get Loan Fast Without BVN in Nigeria and Without ATM Card? In one of our previous article that was posted few days ago, we quickly gave out some ideas on how to get quick loan in Nigeria without harassment or problem which you will find the link below as you read on with this post. But now we want to look at getting instant loan without BVN and also without providing ATM card details.

I know many people are tired of defamation they get from loan app trying to help by fast disbursement of loan but with the highest interest of life and calling of contacts. Only for those who don’t know much about loan app will still continue to patronize them and get loan from them, loan app are evil, they are illegal and unprofessional in any transaction they do and that is the more reason you need to avoid them like plague.

I have seen someone posted a screenshot of what a loan app did to him that his BVN number will be blocked and reported to credit bureau and they send a picture of his face and BVN number to his Whatsapp contacts. That is the more reason why so many people want to get loan without BVN number in Nigeria.

Is it possible to get loan fast without BVN in Nigeria? You can still get loan in Nigeria without a BVN and without revealing or providing your card details to anyone. Getting loan usually come by providing card details but some of these loan companies uses this to deduct money automatically from people’s account. Some loan app even auto debit what is even higher than you are supposed to pay and you can never reach out to them because they don’t have physical office.


But there are ways to go about it when seeking loan in Nigeria without bvn and without card. I will be providing information on this based on what I did personally when I needed loan but refuse to get loan from loan Apps due to their high interest rate. So I decided to go about it this way;

1. Internet banking: Internet banking is broad because it involves both mobile and PC version of dealing of your account but this internet banking I’m referring to now is for web. I login into my bank details and move on to the loan menu, I clicked on it and saw a loan opened for me with 12months tenor and duration. You can also have access to this too if you visit your bank website, login into loan section and apply for loan irrespective of any bank.

2. Bank app: If you have a bank app, it means you already have a BVN and Atm card attached to it, you might not be needing any other BVN and card details anymore. Just like I said for the internet banking, using a bank app also apply to it. Your bank app has a section of loans like if you use banks like Gtbank, you will see loans there and check through to see the amount of loan you want and the tenor for repayment. It requires no longer BVN or atm card because it has been integrated earlier.

3. Bank ussd: Alternatively, you can still get access to loan and other services if you don’t have a bank app or if you don’t use internet banking. You bank already have provision for getting loan via ussd.  Getting loan via ussd means dialing a code even if you don’t have an Android phone and you get the offer. I use my bank which is GTB as an example, you only need to get access to their loan by dialing *737*51*51# and you follow the process of getting the loan. It requires no BVN or provision of bank card or details because it’s you bank. It might not be gtbank but fcmb, zenith, first bank, sterling, Access and many more.

4. Grooming: Grooming is a microfinance bank with physical address and CBN registration to operate as a financial institution. One of the ways you can get loan in Nigeria without card details or BVN is through this microfinance bank. When I needed money to do something’s, I approach Grooming and they didn’t even ask for BVN or card details. It means if you are too afraid to share your card details and you needed a loan as fast as possible then Grooming is a good option. 


There mode of repayment isn’t 7days as loan app does but you pay weekly until 8 or 10weeks is complete. They won’t ask for card details or BVN but they only needed you to fill a loan application form, valid means if ID card, 2 guarantors and 2 passports. Once the loan has been approved, you get the money in physical cash and that is all.

5. Lapo: Just like I said about Grooming, Lapo is also another micro finance bank where you can get a loan without BVN in Nigeria. Lapo is one of the oldest means of getting loan by traders, shop owners and a fast way to borrow money. What you do is to find Lapo agent around you, she gives you loan application form to fill, she verify your ID card and tell you about bringing a guarantor. This micro finance bank won’t collect any other information apart from your house or business address, they require no BVN, they require no card or ATM card details but sincerity in repaying weekly as agreed. 

6. Private lenders: There are people who still get loan in Nigeria without bvn through private lenders. I have seen some lenders that operate well and of credible services. I noticed that these private lenders don’t ask for BVN or card details but they only need a guarantor or someone that can stand. Some are still available in your area if you want to get loan without card or without giving out your NIN or BVN number which can be used against you later.

7. Family and friends
: You never can tell because not all friends and families are the same. I have seen situation where someone loan his or her friend a reasonable amount of money and later refunded it without interest. A friend gave me 20k just last month and I promise to pay back as soon as possible. Some relatives are rich enough to lend you some amount of money and not necessarily going to the bank or going for loan app.

In conclusion, these are various ways you can get loan without in Nigeria without BVN or Card details. All the mentions are important and worthy of trying to see how it works. Thanks for reading.


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  2. The only way to get loan without BVN is to seek loan through your bank and stop risking what is not. And later you won't be pay again

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