Is transportation the best business to do and earn money for a Beginner?


Is transportation the best business to do and earn money as a Beginner?
I have seen many people leave their white collar job for transportation these days and this helped me decided that I need to make more research on transport business so that our readers can learn from this and see if they can be involved in it. With the rate at which people are moving into transportation these days, let the reasons why we can relate that probably it’s the best business for a beginner to do and make money from it.

I have asked many people why they are leaving their white collar jobs and hear some of the responds that was replied after asking such. I asked a lady; why are you doing this tricycle business and she said it’s cool although it has some bad days. I also asked a young man who left is teaching job for transportation and he was like I love this and will never go back to teaching again in my life. I also asked a neighbor who is a graduate and I asked if the transport business is a good and he said very good and I kept asking more and more people this same question about this business and they keep saying the same things.

The bad side: According to the people who are already involved in it, I asked if there are bad days in transportation business and one responded that there are lots of bad times especially if you are beginner or you are a new investor who is just starting or who wants to start transport business. I noticed that if you a beginner in this business, one thing you need to know is that that you will never make any money from transport business if you buy the car or bus and give it out for people to use and deliver your money to you either weekly or daily. Doing this won’t really work unless the driver is your blood brother even at that, it doesn’t work that way. 



I put out a question on twitter not long ago that what is the business you regretted doing and I carefully picked out people who mentioned transport business. I email them, call some of these driver and investors to know what really happened and some claim that their biggest downfall on the business is to buy a car and give it out for someone else to drive and deliver while some claim that the business didn’t do well for them. But really the fact still remains that not all business will work for you, some did and it didn’t work while other get involved in it and it works. 

Someone also talk about the security of the car like in the case of Uber. I know some that said he picked a passenger but was at a point, the two passengers ask him to get down at a gun point and he did, the car was taken away and up till now, he could find it still. This is a common problem among many new drivers and among people who do this business which you need to be careful of. That means as a beginner, you need you need to do all things to make you car or bus is secured.

Is transport business the best to do and make money as a beginner? It’s a good business only if you will be involved in it yourself that is only if you will drive it yourself to see things for yourself. Transport business is also one of the best businesses if you are a beginner because you wouldn’t have wasted much time doing some white collar job and here you will be making daily money but there are things to consider as you are making the money and these things include having to change the spare part regularly, changing the oils regularly, checking wheel and considering checking some interior things that need to be changed. All these are very expensive now especially at this time when the government has increase the VAT rate on imported product. 

It means that even if you are making the money from this business, you need to set aside an account which will be for maintenance incase of any problem or breakdown of part of the car because the car or the bus is your company. Some people also talk about arrest, minor accidents or hoodlums disturbing which all these can still be managed if you register a good insurance cover for the car or if it’s a bus. 

And another thing is Government policy on the use of some of these bus or cars. For instance, Government across the state is banning tricycle and motor cycle which give a limit to the business in some part of the state. That is why I won’t recommend you do motorcycle business in town but if you live in remote areas you will be able to still use your motorcycle if that is what you can afford.

Those are few things the people who are doing this business talked about as being the shortcoming you could get a beginner in transportation but various advantages are as follows;

1. Transport business can be classic and cool with the introduction of companies like Uber and Bolt. These companies make it look branded and if you have a car with sound engine, good AC, nice interior, then you are good to go. These people make good amount of money outside expenses which is good either as a full time business or side business to earn money on weekends or at any time of the day.

2. Doing transportation business is also a good business for a beginner because it’s not really stressful. You are your own boss, you might decide not to work on some days, you might decided not to do anything unlike some 9 to 5pm where you don’t have choice even on raining days, and you might not work in some hours. Like if you understand the rush hours in the morning when people are going to work or when people are returning to work, that is when you decide to work and the other hours can be for rest or other business. I have seen someone who owns an aluminum glass shop and still doing transportation and he told me it’s simple and not stressful. 

3. Do you know another thing I observe is that they pay less tax unless they give ticketing which is being controlled by some greedy people in the society, transporters pay their tax through some of the permit, fees they pay and the Government is trying to regulate by giving out a flat rate for tax but that has not being feasible even up till now.

4. Transport business is lucrative among other jobs that people think doesn’t pay high. It might not be a high paying job but the income generated is moderately okay for not only a beginner but anyone involved in it.

So the bottom line is that transportation is a good business to do and make money either as an Uber driver or public transport. After weighing the good side and bad side of the business, I see that the good side is more than the bad side for anyone who pay attention and not over spend all money gotten from it daily. You can also buy the car or bus and do the business as a beginner at first and later consider stopping your work for it or managing both, just to make money is what matters here. 

So transportation is a good business and feels free to use the comment box below to share your ideas on what works for you when it comes to transportation or what you’ve been doing to make money from it using the comment box below, your ideas will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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  2. People are really talking about transportation and not only that many people are moving into it but I might be forced to start it soon as well

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