How to Report Online Loan App Harassment in Nigeria Easily


How can I report loan app harassment to the Government Authorities with Ease? The introduction of online loan apps on the internet in Nigeria was initially commendable with fast disbursement of loan without collateral but with Bvn but as time goes on, these online loan became very brutal in their loan recovery especially through their loan recovery agents. They went as far as making obituary of their loan defaulters, sending messages to contact that knows nothing about the loan and sending loan defaulters whatsapp pictures and telling people he or she is owing a loan app popularly called loan shark.

People started calling these set of people loan sharks because their interest rate isn’t normal that is very high, loan repayment of 7 to 14days, addition of interest on daily basis when their customers default even if it’s a day and I wonder if this loan apps management really want people to pay back their loan because of all these factors which keeps coming every day.
Loan sharkslike sokoloan, lcredit, xcredit, deloan, nairaplus, ajeloan and many more are really not registered and the Government have denied them and warn people to stop taking loans from them. 


I posted an update that the only best way to get a loan is through your bank. Banks are now giving loans to people and I see that many people don’t even bother to check but its there. Only if your account is new and you haven’t ever used it to transact for a while is usually less than 3 months.


A friend of mine told me he needed a loan that he can pay conveniently with a wide spread margin of a year and I told him to ignore the loan app who are there to reap you with more problems. I told him to check his bank app or ussd that he will always have access to loan there, he did and saw even more than he requested. He confirmed the loan; the money got disbursed to his account immediately and that is all.

This shows many people don’t even know that commercial banks now grant loans to people without collateral and its very fast. Loan from commercial bank around you don’t come with harassment, calling of contacts, defamation, unruly calls, sending messages to whatsapp contacts, invasion of privacy and many more. 

Now, online loan apps now harass people in various ways to the extent of people getting depressed and some people thinking of doing bad things to their selves when they can’t bear the shame these loan app are causing in the lives of many people. If you you’ve been harassed or defamed in many ways, there are ways you can go about it. 

For examples, you can report any online loan app right here in Nigeria easily if they defame you or send messages to your contacts. Like now some palmcredit defaulters already report that palmcredit have started defaming people too which I haven’t confirmed yet but I know of other loan apps like lcredit, sokoloan, deloan, ajeloan, kashkash, 9credit and over hundreds of them. If these loan app send messages to your contacts in bad way threatening to arrest you or sue you, you can make screenshots of the people they send it to and file it on a folder. After saving the screenshots of the messages which is being sent to people, then upload to this Government agencies listed below. 

1. [email protected] : upload the screenshot of the messages sent to contacts and upload it to this email. These emails belong to FCCPC which I believe they are taking step according to some of their recent post in twitter.
[email protected], [email protected][email protected], [email protected][email protected][email protected]:
[email protected][email protected]:,  [email protected][email protected]
[email protected]:  

These are the emails of government agencies you can send your report to after the loan app recovery agent must have made number of calls to you phone list or send messages to whatsapp call. Also send a mail to the bank that was provided the loan app that they should stop aiding enabling this loan app to use their account to carry out their loan business.
Another set of people that can still make report to these governments are people who haven’t any business with any loan app  but still get messages and calls from different numbers claiming that they are used as guarantors to some of these loans, and I believe you know nothing about these loan but the loan app are only lying.

There was a time a keep getting messages on different people with their pictures that they are loan defaulters, I usually don’t know these people and even some I know don’t deserve that treatments, so I report to these email posted above and it stopped. I haven’t gotten more messages or calls from these loan apps for a while now; you too can do the same and it will definitely reduce their calls or messages. 

The next set of people who can report loan app harassment are people who get their money auto debited with more money that they are owing. Because they have access to the account, they feel they can deduct money from the account at any time with no one to report too, no email to report but now, you have emails you can report this too but not so fast in responds.
Because these loan app don’t have physical office and some of them run illegal businesses, it might be difficult to sue or have a one on one conversation with them in case your money get deducted which you may not get a refund as soon as possible. 

These are ways to report loan app harassment, you may think these bodies don’t regard your messages but it’s good for reference purposes. If you tell the loan recovery agent about you emailing these bodies, some won’t respond to your message again because they can be napped through that. You can also label any call from loan apps scam through truecaller app which gives you an option to block scam numbers, rename any number from loan apps, block popular scam numbers, block international numbers, block numbers not saved in contact list and many more. 


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  2. I love the way you write and give courage to people. The fact remains that people should stop borrowing money from loan sharks aka loan Apps. Don't even try to borrow money from loan app again either legit or not, registered or not. Leave them alone and if anyone harass you pls report

  3. I don't even want their loan again I know when I can get a loan if i.want a loan on Google play. I want physical company that won't to get a loan and I think grooming is an example.

  4. Do many loan Apps on Google play in hundreds. I wonder where they get their funds from. Two laptops and like 10million, they are already in business

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