Businesses to do as a Stay at Home Mom With Little Money


What business can a stay at home mom do with little money? With the situation of things now, it’s now not so hard for stay at home mom to also do businesses from home and earn money on the side while still maintaining the home cleaning and home care.

Stay at home mom are women or ladies that either nursing mothers or married women that stay at home taking care of the home, taking care of the family or doing work from home. There are many businesses a stay at home mom can do and make money from it with little capital and without stress only with the required information like what we are doing now. 

Are you a stay at home mom who want to do business and still stay at home with little or no capital. If you are one of these people, there are two ways you can do business while staying at home and it’s divided into online and offline. So this update is a mixture of both online and offline businesses for you to do if you are a stay at home mom and the funniest thing is that you can start this with little capital.

1. Perfume business: this is areal time business a stay at home mom can do with little or no capital. You can use small money to do this business. People who travel out of the country can help you buy some of these perfumes in bottles while you resell in small bottles which are available in the market. 


This is begining to be common among women now. You might want to ask the question of how do you sell? You can sell to people around you, start with your siblings, neighbors and post some of these things online and people will buy from you. A lady came to me and brought a small bottle of meyaki perfume which I really love, I bought it and use it. You can also do the same and get going with little capital.


2. Buying and selling: Sell something or sell anything, people are ready to buy your goods and services as long it’s worth paying for. You can sell ideas, craft, hand work and it’s not that expensive. 

You might not even need a shop to do this especially if you have a skill that is why is very good to everyone stay at home mom to have a skill so that you can sell. My wife and I were just talking and one of her friends came to meet her that she want to learn how to plait hair, and do some health assistant skills if any because she will be packing to a new area and she must a skill to start there even if she’s going to stay at home as a mom or housewife. 

3. Online businesses: there’s lady on Facebook that makes so much money as a stay at home mom even more than women who work 9 to 5pm. She’s fully involved into work from home and she’s into lot of internet business like affiliate marketing, she’s a crypto investor, she’s a trader and sometimes she give signal on some currencies online for men on Facebook and get paid for it. When I ask her that what is her best online work, she told me micro jobs. 

These are the kind of work people do on sites like Fiverr you sell your services inform of gig. I have seen some funny gigs at $5 like I will wake you up at every 5am with a lovely song, someone said I will make an animated pics of you at $5 and she keep getting orders. So many things you can do online from home if you a full time mom and get money on the side or part time.

4. YouTube: One of the best of business  you can do online as a stay at home mom with little money is YouTube. YouTube is free as long as you have an internet connected phone or PC. It only involves creating videos on your phone based on areas of interest and expertise. 

I have seen women who talk about BBN reviews, sport reviews, entertainment news, gist etc all on YouTube and they are doing well. You can also create videos on what you do like cake making, biscuit, chin chin, etc and get paid based on views or adverts placed in videos especially when you reach a thousand subscribers and 4k watch hours.

How do you start? You start YouTube using your Gmail account, create a channel, film yourself by showing your face or not and start the business or creating videos and getting paid when you have lot of views and subscribers.

5. Affiliate marketing: This is one of the businesses you do through the internet which involves you selling other people’s products. There are so many companies online looking for people who will help them sell their products. Affiliate marketing might not even requires you to have a website but your social media account like Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram etc. 

You just register with these affiliate sites, get the codes, link or banner and start promoting the product. You get paid based on hi when someone buys the product through your link or banner. You need no stress, you don’t need too much contents but a good sales or lading page. Just browse and seek through Google affiliate site around you that pay well. 

6. Food Business: Food Business is quite good for women who are at home to start with little capital. Only if you know how to cook very well and for a large number of people. A lady I used to know resigned from her white collar job for a food canteen business. She started with little capital but now she’s increasing because she takes the food to school especially schools that accepted her to bring food to their schools. 

Even if you can’t cook but can bake cake, fry or roast then you can start small by doing egg roll, doughnuts, and other snacks. People learn a lot from COVID-19 period that food business is one of the best business in the world because we all going to eat and pay for snack eating.

7. Micro jobs: I will be introducing micro works to some of you who are stay at home mom and make extra income while you work from home. It’s done with your internet connected PC or phone and I see that so many women are into this business. Micro jobs are jobs you can do as order on sites like upwork and Fiverr, these jobs are posted as gigs in Fiverr and upwork and see if you can do it. 

It can be in any niche like sport, contents writing, video creation, vide editing, photo editing, article writing, programming, animations and many more. Feel free to visit the two sites I gave you and check through some of the gigs people are seeking if you can provide it. This site pay by Payoneer or bank wire through international internet banking.

In conclusion, these are the businesses you can do as a stay at home mom with little capital. There are other businesses which falls under the category of both online or offline but we will be letting you all of these as progress on this website. Thanks for reading. 


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