Is Snail Rearing a Good Business to do and Earn Money as a Beginner?


How profitable is snail rearing business? I’ve learned to give out information to our readers and fan on how to earn money quickly offline or online either as a beginner who is just finding its way into Agriculture business. Just immediately after moving out of the covid-19 era, we noticed a significant rise in the demand for health workers, IT workers and farming businesses. 

Not only that the recession and the current issues across the world now like insecurity, terrorism, war and unemployment is making increase in the demand for agro product because no matter the war, the unrest, the unstable economy etc we must eat. I’ve foreseen a good future for farming and we people must take farming seriously. Just yesterday, some representative in the African continent went to Europe to meet a country involved in high distribution of cereals, grains, for more supply of grains and cereals.


That is just cereals but there are other areas of Agriculture we will be discussing in our subsequent update which are very lucrative and for we not to be left out of the ongoing Agricultural business. The area which we will be discussing is the area of snail farming. Snail farming or rearing is the rearing of snails and managing their growth to marketable size and taking them to the market for sale and get money in exchange for your snails.


Is snail rearing profitable for a beginner? The answer to this question is a capital “YES” Snail rearing is very lucrative for professional or expert farmers as well as beginners. As a beginner, don’t think that you can do it because you need skills to start but the interesting thing is that people don’t know that YouTube is a school on its own where you can learn and execute what you’ve learnt and start. It means you can learn more about snail farming through YouTube videos where you will see thousands of videos from infant to adult snail. 

We are only giving out ideas on snail farming, how lucrative it is and other information, it’s now left for you to decide what to do, gather some money, get small space and get your snails from infant to marketable size. For a beginner who is ready to start investing in a business, snail rearing is good and profitable. Now let take a look why snail rearing is a good business to do as a beginner which include;

1.  High in demand in the market: A friend told me that he went to the market to buy snail and was surprise how high snails are in demand and we know from basic economics that high demand for a commodity can lead to high price especially when supply is low because we aren’t many people who into snail rearing.  He then said that snail is very useful in treatment of stroke and high blood pressure. 

The dad had stroke and was highly recommended for eating by stroke patients and people with high blood pressure. This set of people makes it get high demand in the market and when something is high in demand, that it’s a good business to do and earn money as a beginner. 

2. Requires no huge land: Snail business is a good business to do and earn money because it doesn’t require much space. Most of the snail farms I have seen are majorly small size because the snails aren’t so big unlike animals like cow or chicken that requires an open space. And their mobility is also very slow; it means you only need a cool place or shallow pit to rear these snails. No matter the numbers of snail you want to start with as a beginner, any moderate space can be okay to start with.

3.  Hermaphrodite: One very funny but interesting thing about snail rearing business is the fact that snails are hermaphrodites. This means they can reproduce own their own. Snails usually don’t require a male partner to mate and fuse but these snails can reproduce on their own without mating. That is why most snails usually have eggs when you about cooking them or breaking their shells. 

bought a couple of snails sometimes ago and kept them in a bowl in the kitchen, despite the fact that I didn’t even feed them, I started seeing eggs all over and probably some already have eggs from the place I bought which seems very interesting. This simply means spread for a beginner farmer to have more.

4.  The cheap eggs: While making research on how to buy the baby snails, the price I heard was cheap and I think I really like that. It’s like they don’t even count but they just use a bowl to measure and you start rearing to marketable size. And if you are not talking about market, you can as well eat your thing and take some to the market where you still make some profits from it.  

5.  The feeds: If you are following other type of farming like poultry, you will noticed that some African countries are having issues with the high cost of cereals which is really affecting the price of feeds for animals, especially poultry birds. This rendered many poultry farmers out of business when they can’t be spending thousands on feeds but snail seems to be a little bit different because their feeds is a little bit cheap like legumes, grasses, and shrubs. 

I test run the feeding of snails by providing the snails with coco-yam leafs and I was surprise these snails eat everything which means they like the coco yam leaf. And not only that, there are other grasses they like which can be found around especially if you live in an area full of grasses.   

6. Cheap treatments: I noticed that the way and care of other farm animals like cat fishes, cattle rearing, sheep where there’s always special treatment and expensive medication given to some of these animals but snail isn’t like that. Snails are naturally healthy and require little or no treatments which help keep fund for farmers.

In conclusion, I believe I’ve been able to answer the question by providing answer to people who still want to go into snail rearing as a beginner investor or business owner. I have discussed in the course of the article that snails are cheap in treatments, the feed are cheap and almost free, cheap price of baby snail or eggs and most likely don’t require huge land. It works for people who are involved in and if you also can also do this as a business and make money from it. Thanks for reading.


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  2. Different businesses and passion as well as various ways to earn money for beginner investors. Just hearing about snail rearing business, well I love birds but I ran out luck when they had diseases. Thanks for this information

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