How to delete my loan Apps account


Someone said that how do I delete my Sokoloan loan account? And I was worried that probably people are tired of borrowing money from loan app that will give them high interest rate, loan app that offers 7 to 14days repayment method and loan app that are aggressive in loan recovery. So they ask the question on how do I delete my loan account fast.

While I was trying to give solution to the problem another man contacted and said to me that Mr admin, how do I delete my Lcredit account? And that was when I decided that I need to write and inform our readers on how to delete their account with any loan Apps. 

What are loan Apps, these are mobile apps that give out loans to people without collaterals, without guarantor and without any paper but with BVN and access to contacts. These loan Apps have short repayment method of loans for about 7days to 14days. 

These loan Apps like Lcredit, Sokoloan, ajeloan, gocash, deloan have very fast disbursement of loan but because of the short repayment duration, people have been having difficulties in paying back their loan due to one reasons or the other. And these loan Apps also have some tough recovery agents that call their contacts, send messages to Whatsapp contacts and other form of strick loan recovery which many people see as defamation.


I am always of the opinion that people should borrow money from loan Apps if they know they won’t be able to pay back either the loan app is legit or not. Sokoloan and Lcredit are tough when it comes to loan recovery. That is why most people are looking for ways to delete the loan app account and start a new life. 

Although there are legit loan app that are registered but even at that people need to stay away from loan app which means no more borrowing from these loan app so you don’t put yourself in trouble.

So, back to the question on how to delete the Lcredit, Sokoloan or any loan Apps.

How do I delete my Lcredit account or Sokoloan account, what you need to do before deleting the account is this;

1. Clear the cache: to delete my account of any loan app, you need to fist clear the cache. This is done by moving to settings on your android phone, go to application and update, find the app on the list, click on it and go to clear cache on the app. Clearing the cache on the loan app will protect your information a little bit although they already have your information which they may be willing to share to the public at anytime you default of your loan. 

Clearing the cache before deleting the app also help to clear out some records that might been saved on the app for future use. After doing this, you can then go ahead and delete the loan app especially if you aren’t owing these app any loan but if you are owing them, please repay and never go back to them again.

2. Clear the Gmail contacts: after clearing the cache as explained earlier, to delete any loan app on your phone, you also need to clear your Gmail contacts as well. I have seen a situation where by someone who has repayed a particular loan app still get messages from contacts that he’s owing them. 

I have also seen a situation where someone who once use a loan app get messages from family and friends that they should come and borrow money as one of their friend did and he’s enjoying their services and also another situation where whose due date have not even reach the time and already getting threats that they will inform his contacts Incase he defaults and I felt this is very serious. So, before you delete the loan app account, please don’t forget to clear your Gmail contacts as well.

3. Uninstall the account: After doing all that, you can then uninstall the loan app account you wish to delete. Felting the account means they will no longer have access to your account, contacts, Whatsapp but don’t forget that these loan app already have some of your information on the first day your sign up and requested a loan from them. Even if you are tired of collecting loan from loan app, you can still delete the account.

No matter the loan app you want to delete the account, either you have some issues with these loan app or not, just try as much as possible to do the listed thing before uninstalling the app and deleting the loan account. 


Just uninstall the loan app, clear the cache and clear Gmail account then you are good to go. Someone might also have a question that if I delete my loan account with Lcredit or Sokoloan them how do I repay? This is a very simple question to answer because the repayment doesn’t apply to payment through the app alone but there are different method of repayments of an app which I believe you know. 

So, if you delete the loan app now, you might not be able to pay through the dashboard or payment button but there’s a dedicated account giving to you for repayment. Lcredit, Sokoloan, Gocash, Deloan, palm credit, etc all have this account dedicated to you. Make you payment and alert them of payment and your debt will be cleared which they can relate back to you through email while the account have been deleted.

Apart from that, deleted account of loan app still have other repayment method apart from dedicated account. Some of the loan app have account with zenith bank, wema bank, fcmb etc where you make payment and upload a a screenshot of the money paid through App or POS and the account will be cleared while the account is deleted. 

So repayment is a problem to you for not deleting your Sokoloan account or Deloan account be because you always have a bank account to pay to.

In conclusion, I believe we’ve cleared the area of how to delete a Sokoloan account, how to delete Lcredit account or any loan account. These ideas also applies to any loan account you want to delete. Don’t forget to clear your Gmail contacts, clear the cache of that loan app and uninstall, that’s all. If you have any question don’t forget to use the comment box below where we get to you as fast as possible. Thanks.


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  2. Is it possible to delete an account like Lcredit or Gocash? But seeing this make look possible, some loan app have option of delete account still they will be disturbing you for me

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