What People to Do To Make Money in Minutes Through the Internet


What are the things people do to make money every minute using the internet? This was a question I got from one of my readers who want to know how people work online and make money in every minutes and I feel I need to share my ideas and what you need to know about making money every minutes using the internet. It may not even require you to have a pc or laptop to do this but what you need is no other than an internet connected device like your android phone. 

I was touched just yesterday when YouTube suggested a video for me and the youtuber went to many beautiful houses owned by millionaires; he knocked the gate see to talk to the owner of the house. I kept on watching and after a while about 7 houses, someone gave him an audience and he asked the millionaire that “how was you able to get money to build this type of house? And he asked them what do you do to make you a millionaire and I watched carefully the responds of these people, what I saw was that you need to learn how to make money in minutes or every minute. 

I thought it wasn’t possible a until I saw people that make money every minutes not even every day and I was surprised that I need to buckle up and start working online to make money as well even while I sleep. Now, the first lady that talks about how she was able to become a millionaire through crypto currency and that is what I need to know. The next talked about investments, estate management and many more where I gathered lot of information concerning that. 



If you also consider the exchange rate of dollar to euro, GBP to Naira, Dollar to Naira and let just say dollar rate, then you will know that it’s really worth it to learn how to work and make money in minutes. I searched for the dollar rate of $200 to Naira and it was huge I mean very huge because the dollar is just sinking and losing it value and that is why we need to think of how we can work online an get paid in dollars or in Pound Sterling but really the USD currency make a lot of sense to us now.
Back to what people are doing to make money in minutes through the internet in Nigeria include the following;  

1. Blogging with Adsense: I remembered I once had a blog that was giving me like $10 dollars every day until I got hacked and couldn’t recover it due to hackers. Google Adsense is very sure and I remembered I checked my earning dashboard every minute to see few cents accumulation in dollars per minutes. I was making money every minute because of the traffic generated through the site. It means if you want o make money in minutes any where you are in the world, and then you need to start working online with Adsense. You can get this done by getting a domain name and hosting or you could get a domain and host it freely on blogger which is cheaper then start writing contents. 

It takes a while but I can tell you it worth the stress and you will enjoy doing it because it’s your blog, your company and your office. If you want more information on that feel free to contact me for more info and ideas. We will be posting more about this in our next update on how you can get a free domain, hosting and what to blog about, just subscribe and keep your finger’s cross.  

2. Youtube: YouTube is no more a future but reality and this is what many people have been doing to make money in minutes using their internet connected phone. YouTube is a video making and uploading site where you post videos, people get entertained and you get recognition as well get paid in different methods. If you keep uploading videos and you ended up having 1k subscribers with 4k watch time, you will be enrolled for monetization with Adsense where Google place video advert embedded in your videos and you get paid through that. 

Probably you must have seen people making money online through skits which seems to more rampant these days and you just wake up in the morning and be seeing money accumulated in your dashboard if you have the views, engagements and traffic. You can do it by searching a good niche that fit you like in the area of sport, entertainment, business, online, health, pets, food, beauty etc and start making videos.

.3. Crypto: I never knew this can work until I bought bitcoin the other time and it rises overtime and I made more money, fetch the money and left it. If you look at the bitcoin chart these days, its dropping and Elon Mosk will tell you “this is the time to buy” so that when it rises, you make money even while asleep. Not only bitcoin, I have seen some crypto doing well in that people buy in small amount and sell when it rises. Crpto-currencies have made many people millionaires but you just have to learn how to get in this and don’t forget it’s very volatile a well. 

4. Investments: There are so many ways to invest online and make money in minutes. I am not talking about HYIP now but I am talking about real investments that are profitable without getting scam. Just Google search of these according to your area, location and even your bank can also help you out on this because banks have lot of investment ideas as well. I was checking through my bank apps and I saw make money which I saw some credible ways to make money in there too, you can also do the same.   

5. Ads/Promotion: Many people have underestimated the money making ways in ads but ads is really very good. If you are into affiliate marketing, you will need to promote other peoples product and get paid by commission when people buy from your link, banner or social media. I have a friend who have a source of palm oil and I told him to do Facebook ads and target women who need this and he did, now this guy have been having order from this palm oil every day even without a shop, he just get the order and deliver it. 

You can also do the same if you have a product to sell or a service to render, do all these paid ads and get more views to explode your product on sales. This will make you be among the people who are making money in minutes without stress.  

6. Promotion: Do you know that some people make money every minute and every hour by just promoting other people’s product. This is not affiliate marketing but they make money through their large subscriber based on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Likee etc.  Have you noticed that Instagram pay some celebrities for mentions and promotion of products. 

Your large facebook friends and instagram followers are not just there but you can make money from these people by posting a link, banner, product to them and you earn good money. So, if your Facebook friend is over 5000, twitter followers like 20k, Instagram then you are in it. My advice for you is to keep growing your friends list, subscribers list, Views etc all these people will be a potential buyer one day. 

7. Forex: This is the most volatile of all the ways to work online and make money in minutes I believe if people are making money from this, then I can actually do if I learn it, get a mentor and you can also get to us for mentorship on forex. I won’t be talking too much on Forex now but will do so in our next post on how to start online trading. Trading make people earn money in minutes and every minutes because it’s a money market where people sell and buy currencies.  

In conclusion, these are the ideas we have for you today and I have made my research to let you know that these are the things people do online to make money every minute using their phones. People do forex, promotion, affiliate marketing, Youtube, Blog for Adsense, crptos and other things. If you want to add more ideas to what we have discussed here, please fee to make use of the comment box below so we can learn from you or we respond as fast as possible to your question. Thanks


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