Are people still doing Paid Surveys to Make Money Online at this time?


Is Paid Surveys Still Relevant as a means of earning money online at this time? I have decided to write on this topic so as to educate ourselves on the various ways to work online and make money either on a full scale or on a part time level. I went back to the old ways of working online and making money which is taking paid surveys. Paid surveys is one of the old ways we’ve work online and get paid in cents which I left sometimes ago because I had some more interesting and higher paying programs online which seems to be better than paid surveys for at that time.

Paid surveys is one of the ways product owners get feedback from their advertisers through giving out offers, opinion polls, product testing, questionnaire, taking surveys, giving our their products inform of cash, gift cards, donation, bank wire and so many other options.
Most time, we register on many survey sites like valuedopinions, inbox-dollars, toluna, and many more. I don’t even know the number of survey site we have these days but I know we still have some legitimate ones that are good.I will get the list of paying legitimate surveys site for you with proof of evidence of work and payment and offers. 

I could remember that I have gotten lot of gift items, gift cards and household items from many of these surveys site as at then. I met a friend of mine after a long time, who was into online businesses as well but he was more focused on doing surveys and getting paid with PayPal. The first question I ask this person was that “Are you still doing surveys”? And I also asked if people are still making money from surveys at this time when we have so many high paying programs online that pays more than few cents from surveys.

He told me that he’s more into surveys now and still getting the cash from these paid survey sites. I was like that good and I think the same mode of registering and mode of work is still the same. You only register with your email, the survey sites send you a link to confirm your email, they also confirm your phone number, you update your profile data and that is all.
Some sites may even give you some points for registration and completing your data which add more to your point and that is how you start working with the survey site. They send offer and surveys once or twice a day and you complete the surveys, more points are added to your points which are redeemable at the end of an accumulated period. 


I have done paid surveys many years ago, complete many offers, get their many products, redeem money into cash, get some gift cards like $50, $70, $100, &10 and many more. When I left I saw some ads of some of the survey site I have worked with and that make me know that some of the survey site are still relevant and still good to work with at this time.  


Taking surveys is a legit way to earn money online, it’s a good way to work online with your phone or internet connected PC and get paid for filling out forms and answering questions online. I was like are people still doing paid surveys to earn money online? And the answer was “yes” and i was like thousands of people are still on it. Many people are still taking surveys for cash especially if you reside in USA, UK or EU and it easier to redeem your points for cash if you have payment gateway like PayPal which give instant alert on withdrawal of cash. 

If you still interested in paid surveys and getting ready to work online filling forms online and answering question for cash, you can still browse out some good and high paying survey sites and around you and start taking surveys for money choosing a reputable survey site to work with. Taking surveys requires a bit of patience and time just like any other business but it doesn’t take that long like around 10 – 15mins and you are done with it where your points will be accumulated to your dashboard. 

When I asked this from my friend if he’s still working online with surveys and he said yes, he gave me some reasons while he’s till in the business and I believe that is the reason why many people are still taking surveys and earning money which are; 

1. Stress free: Paid surveys offer real online work although the money may be small but become big when accumulated over time from different survey sites. It’s less stress free because the send the surveys to your mail and you get in at any time you are chanced which means, you can do it on a part time level. Sometimes you might not wait to get in the surveys, you log on to your account and check if there are any available surveys and that is all. 

2. Answering Questions: I also believe answering questions either correct or not isn’t something too difficult. It’s just your per opinion they need based on polls to know if people really love their product or if anyone is having difficulty in using of their product. Just give your answer within 5 to 15mins and that is all you need.  

3. Watching videos: Some surveys site push up surveys like videos some which are interesting to you. You watch these videos and get paid in cents for watching it. I have worked with sites like swagbucks where you watch videos for cash and I believe this is not that bad instead of watching irrelevant videos online but you watch videos to get paid for the time spent on it.   

4. Product testing: Taking paid surveys also give you opportunity to test some new products and you get compensated for it especially people who are residing is US or UK. I have gotten lot of food items, cloth wares, kitchen items, baby items, electronics, and mobile phones accessories as a product tester after qualifying for it. You can also get it done for yourself if you still have interest in taking surveys either for full time or part time.  

5. Prompt payment: What drives people to any online job is payment and many survey sites have proven to be real and legit when it comes to payment. People have problem only if they don’t provide their correct payment details or they have the available payment option like bank wire, Paypal, Gift cards, Skrill, sending of check etc

In conclusion, I think I’ve been able to make it clear that paid surveys isn’t old but still relevant and after asking a few people If they are still doing the paid surveys, I see that many people are still involved in paid surveys. People are still working online and getting paid with paid surveys site. But what they do is that they sign up for lot of paid surveys site so they can get as many paid surveys as possible. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but the accumulation of cents turns to dollars. If you are not residing in US or UK, you can still register to these paid survey sites through VPN and work. Thanks for reading.


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