How to Work Online Doing Paid Surveys and Getting Paid Without Living in the USA


I just want to add this post to previous update I did this morning talking about if people still do paid surveys and get paid at this time. You will find the article below as you read on with this post. At this time on that post means now that we have more online programs like affiliate programs, Youtube with Adsense, micro jobs, online jobs, forex, metal trading, trading with bitcoin and many. I just feel there are many other people who are still into doing paid surveys and getting paid for their time spent on the online surveys. 

thing that limits people from taking part in some of these online jobs or work from home jobs is the fact, many people don’t line in the United State and they find it difficult getting registered with one including paid surveys site. But if you are not living in the USA and want to part take in free paid surveys, then this update will explain everything for you, just read carefully and implement every step we describe here.

Another thing that also limit people from working online with paid surveys is the listed payment gateway which may not really favour people outside the United State like Paypal but still want o part take in the online surveys, all these will be explained to you as you read on with this post on working online and getting paid doing paid surveys without being in USA.  

I will like you to know that paid surveys isn’t a get rich quick scheme but the few cents accumulated over time can make a lot of difference especially people outside the United State which dollar exchange rate is very high compared to the value of their currency. For example the exchange rate of dollars to naira is so huge that $100 means a lot if you are working and getting paid in dollars.


How to work online and get paid taking paid surveys without living in United State; 

1. Payment Gateway: If you want to work online from home taking paid surveys when you are not even residing in the united state, then the first thing you need to do is to sort out how you are going to get paid even before starting. Not that you will start taking the online surveys and when you get to threshold, you will not be stuck on the payment gateway to use. That was how I lost over $100 sometimes ago when i don’t have a payment method to cash out the money, it wasn’t funny at all. 

What you need to do is that you need to get a PayPal account by any means. You can ask any of your friends residing in US or Uk or you go for Paypal account of other countries that accept it a s a means of sending money or receiving money. We still have Paypal working perfectly even in some other African countries like Lesotho, South Africa or all most countries in EU. This is the first thing that needs to be acquired before you think of starting to register with any paid survey site. 

2. US Phone number: The next thing is that you also need to ensure you get a USA phone number for verification purposes. Few years ago, survey sites don’t require phone number verification but now, you will be required to verify your email and phone number just to be sure you are legit or human and not a robot. The USA phone number is just to verify your identity before seeking withdrawal. It’s just a simple process and I think it’s only once, sites like swagbucks and globaltestmarket, will ask you for phone number verification.  

3. Open a new email: I also advise anyone wanting to work online taking online surveys should open a different email. You are required to open a separate email because of the numerous messages that will flood your email. These paid survey sites also enroll your email on some other sites that give offers and you will get lot of emails. During the course of taking the surveys, you might be required to sign up for some sites as well and you will be getting emails and updates from such sites, this means you should be ready for lot of emails and that is why we advice people to get a different email for the numerous offers and surveys coming your way. 

4. Use VPN: Most of the legitimate survey sites that pay are mostly in the USA and UK and these sites want you to be a resident and citizen of US. But there’s a way you can go about it if you are not living in US, what you need to do is to use a VPN when registering and taking the surveys. The vpn act as ip changer for your device, it changes your location to USA, the VPN changes your physical address and Ip Address so the survey sites will be seeing you appear in United State while you are in your country doing your work. After using the VPN to register, you also use it to complete your profile and whenever you get a message on your inbox, copy the link of the survey and place it on a browser with VPN and start answering the surveys without stress.  

5. Be careful: After getting the things above, you need to be careful and fast. As you as you receive the email, start your browser and take the surveys. But do not make mistake of not using your vpn for taking the online surveys, completing offers, and cashing out. Taking online paid surveys is one of the easiest home jobs which I usually recommend for students, housewives, the unemployed, stay at home moms and anyone wanting to work online as a beginner. Then the beginner can move on to other online jobs with time and having more experience.  

In conclusion, these are ways to go about making money online from paid surveys even if you are not living in the united state. Like I said earlier, you need to get your payment method ready for redeeming your earnings when you get to threshold, get a USA phone number ready for verification at cash out and I said you also need to get a new email to make your work easier because you will be receiving lot of mails and sign ups and I also said you need to be careful and protect your account by not leaking your location but showing you’re in the united state. Thanks for reading this. If you need any question or you have contribution, there we are all here for you.


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