How to Recover Your Money When Your Account Get Debited by Loan Apps


How can I recover my money after getting auto debited by a loan app? I have seen many groups where people complain about getting debited by a loan app and people don’t know what to do. This update is to provide a possible solution to this rampant issue going on now.

Loan Apps have been giving out loans to people without collaterals, without stress but the issue is that they offer loan repayment of 7 to 15 days which seems a bit of issue to talk about. Although we’ve talked about some of the issues from getting loans from loan app, we also talked about the registered and legit loan app as well as the ones to do away with due to unprofessional way of recovering their loans by calling contacts, sending messages to Whatsapp contact list and other issues. 

I have noticed that when you register for any loan app, you won’t give out their loans unless you give them permission to your contacts, phone, messages and also auto debit. Some app give the opportunity for you to switch off the auto debit button while a good number of them don’t have the feature. What they do is to auto debit your account on the due date.

But some loan app do excessive debiting because I see many people complain about these loan app debiting you more than once and the very funny aspect is that you may not even know the loan app or loan site that auto debit your account. 


We have talked about people getting taking measures to secure their account from these loan Apps by trying as much as possible change their transaction pin, change password or rather change the ATM card because if you don’t, you might be debited without notice or when money enters the account, it get wiped off from any of these app. People who owes numerous app can tell you more on this and if you have used them before, you also need to secure your account because anything can happen since your information is not really safe with them.

Although the banks won’t provide information on the person who carry out the act claiming they don’t have much information on the account and I also noticed that it’s usually gone because the bank can’t even trace the transaction and any other thing, so people give up on that. 

Have you ever been debited unnecessarily or money get extracted from your account? Have you ever mistakenly paid or over paid into the bank accounts of any of these loan apps and they refused to reconcile your fund?


Please read careful and learn.

I noticed many people don’t always know what to do in this situation, so I will sharing with you things you do when things like that occur, when you realize your money is out of you bank account to another person’s bank account through dubious procedures.

1. Write out the Full name of the account and account number of the bank account if you have the account details of the app.

2. After the first step, then go to the last notification your bank sent you after you paid or transferred the money(via mobile app or text) copy out the “TRANSACTION ID NUMBER”.

3. Then try as much as possible to go to any branch of the account holder’s bank (account that debited you) ask to see the CUSTOMER SERVICE in charge of FRAUD.

While you are still at the bank fraud department, send an email to the loan app that auto debit your account or the bank you wrongly paid to and copy

CBN FRAUD DESK ( *[email protected]* ) and also *[email protected]*

& *[email protected]* , this will ginger the bank to take it up fast.

Instead of giving up on the money because sometimes it can be much and Yu don’t pray to lose such huge amount to anyone, take this step and you might be lucky enough to get your money back especially people who get debited twice or more, it can be very painful and devastating but can still be recovered. 

What will happen after following this procedure? The suspects account will be placed on hold, his or her or their BVN will be blocked permanently. No account will ever be opened neither will they be able to transact banking business in that name until they clears their self with the bank. Although many of these loan app that auto debit usually have multiple account from different banks which can they can switch to at anytime..

I did this for someone and he later recovered his money although the loan app begged him to take another loan so he can get his money and not pay back again. But will taking another loan be the solution to that? 

Another method you can use to get your money when your account get debited which wasn’t authorize by you is to report to the appropriate authorities not bank because the bank might not do much on debited account but make a screenshot of the alert or go through transaction details on your app, click on receipt, get a screenshot and mail it to the following email;

1. [email protected]

2. [email protected]

3. [email protected]

4. [email protected]

5. [email protected]

6. [email protected]

Just state the screenshot of the account, debit alert, time and date of debit, complain from bank and other information that might be required. Try this if it works so everyone can learn from this. Thanks for reading.


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  2. I'm not sure you can do anything about because even the bank can't do anything about it because some of these loan apps can't be trusted and you granted permission earlier

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