How to Recover Back the Money After Making Transfer to an Account by Mistake


There is this trend that is happening now where people mistakenly transfer money to an account and the probability of getting back the money is zero. This method will help you recover your money back within a short time. I am talking about this because I have used this method and it works for me. 

This can happen to anyone by mistake or under duress. I have seen many situations where people mistakenly send money to another account and I have also seen where someone misplace figures in an account number and fire the account number straight to another person and we all know sending back the money that enters an account or making refund is always difficult if you look at the present situation of the country and the present situation we found ourselves into.

It happened to me like this, I made a transfer to a loan app and I mistakenly did it twice, you know you can get fast access to loan app like that and some of these people can even deny the fact that they didn’t see any money from the account. So you keep on asking them to check their account and they won’t reply you with anything meaningful. 



There are good people among my friends and colleagues that when I make transfers to and get debited twice, they will return it to me because we are colleagues and we know each other very well but it comes cases concerning outsiders, then it is a different issue because some won’t return the money and only a few will return the money and there’s little or less the bank can do about.

Just recently, a woman told me she made mistakenly send some money to an account owned by one of the loan app as a means of repayment, but she ended up getting debited twice and all effort to get back one of the payment wasn’t working. Initially, the money didn’t show any sign of acceptance of transfer but money balance didn’t reflect in the account, so after a while she was debited twice and she account holder didn’t make refund.

I noticed that some people feel very excited when someone wrongfully send money into the account because they won’t pay back. Some set of people will leave the money in the account before withdrawing it while another set of people will withdraw the money instantly so that if the bank calls them they will tell them no action was taking on the account.

It’s more worse for some set of people that are owing their bank and there’s is a minus on their account. The money enters the account and get cleared immediately without any procedure, in such case it will take time before the money will be recovered from such account holder. 

Taking a look at all these, I see that somethings can still be done to recover back the money after sending to someone mistakenly. Just follow the simple procedure below if you mistakenly send some money to someone else and needed to recover back the money.

1. The first step is not to panic but have it in mind that the recovery rate may take a whike. So, Write out the Full name of the account and account number of the bank account.

2. Then you need to go to the last notification your bank sent you after you paid or transferred the money(via mobile app or text) and copy the “TRANSACTION ID NUMBER” from the notification letter gotten.

3. Go to any branch of the account person’s bank (the bank you transferred, paid to or debited you) ask to see the CUSTOMER SERVICE in charge of FRAUD or Customer’s Data.

While you are there with the customer service center for fraud, you need to send an email to Person’s bank or the bank you wrongly paid to and copy

CBN FRAUD DESK ([email protected]*) and also ([email protected])

& ([email protected]) , this will fasten the bank to take it up fast so that you can aslo get a faster result on your request for cash back.

Of what effect will this procedure and complain yield? The culprit/suspects account will be PLACED ON HOLD. His,her or their BVN will be blocked permanently. No account will ever be opened neither will they be able to transact banking business in that name until they clears their self with the bank.

Meaning they cannot transfer or withdraw until they visit the bank, and when they do, the bank will contact the police and the suspect(s) when proven guilty will sign a waiver allowing the bank to refund your money.

The idea is there’s a law that restrict the bank from revealing too much information about a customer and basically they may place a restriction or flag the account which seems to be too slow and many times nothing is being done to such cases which means the money is gone.

Another approach I saw and witness is a case when a lady transferred money into another person’s account by Mistake and the person refuse to pay back. She went to the bank, get the statement of account which reveals the name of the receiver and account and took it to the police station to get a police report. 

The she later went to the bank to act and flag the account which they did so that the receiver can report to the bank. And one interesting thing she did was to make a report to the department of fraud unit of the efcc through their mail. And she recovered back her money within a short time using these three method of recovery. 

In conclusion, these are ways people recovered back their money after sending money mistakenly to another person’s account and if the person refuses to make a refund of the money sent to his or account. Many people see this as a way to scam people and not refund it but if you do what has been explained above, you can still get a refund by restriction placed on the scammer’s or receipient account. 

Don’t forget to notify the EFCC or CBN anti fraud unit at the bank. And if you have any other ways you have used recover your money if you mistakenly send to another person’s account, you can use the comment box to share some ideas to us so we all can learn from your way of getting refund of the money paid to the person’s account and probably other things you did. Thanks for reading


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  2. I have an issue with my bank, someone transferred money from my account to another but my phone is still with me. How is that possible?

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