How to Get a USA Card and Bank Account to work and get paid online Without Living in the United State


How can I get a US bank card and account number to work and get paid online while not living in the United State? This is something we’ve done for many years ago which is very legit but I noticed many people still don’t know how to get this card done especially if you are in a country where PayPal is not supported and you must find a way of working online and getting paid for your work on the internet. 

It’s very difficult for people in some countries where payment gateway like PayPal isn’t available and not only that there are some countries where bank wire isn’t possible especially if your doing work from home jobs which many of these sites and companies are located in US and UK. So, we are making clarifications on having a smooth online work and getting paid with sites that accept USA bank card with bank açount number the easy way. 

It’s looking very terrible now that everyone need to start working online since the COVID-19 pandemic thought us a very good lesson on how to have a side business which you can be doing on a part time basis and still keep your day job. We will be sharing lot of online job opportunities on this site which you can work and earn without paying a dime to anyone, just keep your fingers cross by bookmarking our page or subscribe to us to get fresh update from us. 

Someone said my country doesn’t accept Paypal and please can you tell me more ways get paid from some if these work from home jobs site? Another fellow said PayPal have banned my country from making transaction and what are the possible way out of this or what are the alternative I can use instead of PayPal? 


All these will be explained as you read on with this post even if you are living in a country where PayPal doesn’t accept, or you have issues with you’re PayPal for receiving payment or you aren’t living in the USA. 


Now I have mentioned that most of the reliable work from home sites are based in united state and UK which I believe many if us know. There are some companies that accept everyone all over the world like Google Adsense does where’s some companies don’t which means you must find a way of working with these companies and get paid somehow especially if you don’t have PayPal. 

In some of our future post, we will be talking about ways to work online without PayPal and alternative to PayPal that works although we will mention a very liable payment option on this post as you read on which works exactly like PayPal.

If you are working with some USA companies and sites and you wonder how you can get paid for doing so, then you don’t need to worry yourself anymore because one of the best way to send payment, receive payments, and ask for payment is through a site called Payoneer account. 

Payoneer is like an alternative to PayPal which seems to be better than PayPal because it has more countries than PayPal, it has more currencies than PayPal and the charges are cheap because they collect an annual free for your card. I have use Payoneer account for many year but I got to know some people don’t know much Payoneer even as at now. I don’t want you to pay anyone for this and don’t fall for scam. Payoneer don’t even need your money to use them or register with them because everything on Payoneer is free only the year card maintenance fee. 

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You can use Payoneer on many sites like zeerk, upwork and Fiverr which are all micro jobs site to work and get paid for rendering your services. You can also use Payoneer for some survey sites for people doing surveys, Payoneer can also be used to receive money from companies if you work for them and many freelancing sites also accept Payoneer as a means of payment because it is easy and convenient way to get money online using their bank account or Mastercard.

Now, the best way to get a USA Card and Bank Account for online use is through Payoneer card. Payoneer card is free and offer various payment gateway like sending money to people, merchant, companies, individuals and also to receive money from people and companies you might have worked for. 

How to Open a Payoneer Card

You need to visit and register at the site on, sign up as individual or business if you own a company or representing a country, and setup your password and secret questions. It gives you an option of verifying through ID Cards and phone number verification. 

Now you can select your preferred currency type which could be dollars($),  Pound Sterling (GBP), Euros (€) etc. 

After doin this Payoneer will gives you a verified USA bank account that can be used as normal account like bank wire and to receive international payments or make payment. You also get shipped to you for free a Payoneer Mastercard which is widely accepted all over the world in any stores or any sites. The Payoneer card can also be used to verified payment gateway like PayPal. 

Having both Us bank account and US Mastercard from Payoneer is as good as living in the United States when you are not even there or when you are in another country after USA. Having these bank account and US mastercard from Payoneer can help you get access to many sites online doing work from home. Like I said earlier that Payoneer works well for micro jobs sites like Fiverr, Upwork and freelancing sites like Elance, freelancer etc.


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