How to Put Your Business Online Without Paying Anyone to do it


In what ways can I get my business online without spending so much? I will be using this post update to answer so many questions related to puting a business online or on the internet so s to get more sales, recognition and wider coverage. 

No matter your kind of business, everything can still be put online. We just recovered from COVID-19 and I see that many businesses were forced to be placed online because during this period, people were working from home. Even people attended their worship centers online from home. 

Despite the fact that many people worked from home at this time, many s continued working from home even  now and I see we have many reasons to also put our businesses online in the best way we can. In the part of the world where I cane from, I see that many businesses are not online yet and people fear the kind of charges or fees internet gurus collect to help out their business online but reading this post will help you get ideas on how to out your business online and make more sales.

Before you can think of growing and taking your business online, the prerequisites for doing so is to grow your social media profiles which is not do difficult to do. This involves engaging your Facebook and Twitter followers more by posting interesting things, increasing your Facebook likes and friends count, increasing your Twitter followers count, increasing your Instagram followers and other social media. Doing this will put you ahead of the game so that when you eventually start your business online, it get more coverage and engagement it needs.


The various ways you can put your business online without paying anyone to do it for you is to do the following:

1. Social media: To put your business online without paying anybody, you need to create a social media account if you don’t have one like Facebook, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, like, TikTok and many more where you can post your products for potential buyers. 

If you know how to convert your Facebook and Twitter friends to buyers, you will understand that it’s very easy simply by posting and advertising your product online using Facebook or Twitter. I know someone who earns his daily money by posting his products on Facebook or Twitter especially if you have a huge followers..

2. Messenger apps: This refers to sharing the links or photo of your products you want to sell on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and TikTok. For Whatsapp, you can share your product by updating to status where many of your contacts on WhatsApp will see and patronize what you are selling. 

The same concept still apply to Facebook where you update your products on status or post it on your timeline. You never can tell how fast you will start getting results when you also do a short video and upload it on TikTok for more views.

3. Blog: if you want to do it in a professional way, you can get a blog for your business. A blog is like a website where you update contents on your blog frequently. Like someone told me he’s a photographer and love taking pictures, I will quickly told the guy to start a blog for it by getting a cheap domain, start a free blog on Google and start from there. 

Putting a business online is not that difficult only if you have the right information on how to do it well. The blog makes it look like a website where you upload the pictures or products any time you feel. 

4. Forums: There are still some forums with high traffic depending on your location that allows you to post links or photos of your products on their forum. If not, you can pay some moderators to get your products on their first page. 

This is one way you can put your business online without paying anyone or spending so much on it. Most forums are free to post businesses but some are paid while some only allows you to display your adverts on their signature or you profile page, it works too.

5. Paid social media ads: If you are really serious about getting your business online without spending so much on it, you need to buy social media ads which you can do by yourself. A good example of this is Facebook ads or Twitter ads. Facebook ads isn’t that hard but you can do it yourself by targeting the age bracket, people who are interested in that kind of products, targeting gender based, targeting location based or others. 

It you have a physical product or you want to sell a service, Facebook is good to start with because it exposes your products to thousands of people or hundreds based on the amount you are willing to spend on your adverts, it can still be as little as fee cents to expose your products.

5. Paid forum ads: There are many forum sites that offer banner space for people to advertise their product at a very cheap rate. So, if your products is only available to your locality alone then you can use this method to get your business online so that as people visit those blog categories, your product ads get displayed at the top or at the side and people can buy from there.

6. Listing sites: One of the oldest method of puting a business on the internet for many people to see is to list the product on free ads sites. The are many sites where you can post your ads for free and get a call from potential buyer. I have a friend who sell laptops and i ask him where did he usually get his buyers from and he told me he list the item on Jiji and people will buy and pay on seeing the laptops. 

That site is free to use for people in many part of the world especially in Western Africa. He will place other items like washing machine on Jiji and people will place a call on that product and eventually buy from him.

In conclusion, I believe you can now see that it cost nothing to put your business online but simple information can help. Just as we’ve discussed earlier, you start posting your business on WhatsApp status, Facebook status, Facebook timeline, share on Twitter, post the link or pics on forums that allow free posting, pay few cents for Facebook ads to reach more audience and don’t forget to list it on free product listing sites. Do this and your product is already going viral online. Thanks for reading. 


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