Can Easybuy Block My BVN or Call my Contacts?


Can Easybuy Block My BVN as one of the agent claim? This was one of the latest things that happen to the people in Nigeria who wanted get an item like a phone and pay by installments. I have the opportunity of get a phone for a friend through Easybuy and I can say few things about this method of getting an item on loan and also the way these people recover their money from loan defaulters.

I talked to one of the agent of easybuy about recovering money and she said some customers are so mean that they moved on with their balance and never pay back their loan but now there’s a more advance method of recovering loan payment when people buy phones on credit through Easybuy. 

The new method easybuy uses to recover their money is through constant reminder of pending payments through mails, calls and messages. Easybuy also freeze some important apps on the phone like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail app, chrome and many more but the phone bearer have only access to calls and messages where everything get removed as soon as you pay the balance of the item on loan.


Can Easybuy Block My bvn? But you don’t forget that Easybuy have your BVN details before granting you access phones or items offered for sale on loan. The answer is “no” because easybuy cannot block your BVN because easy buy is not a financial institution or a bank that can block or edit your BVN. So, it’s not possible for easybuy to block your BVN like they use to say.


Can Easybuy call my contacts for not paying? I don’t think easybuy can do that because even when my friend defaulted in her payment and couldn’t pay for the monthly quota of payment for the phone she bought, only some apps where freeze and inactive while only the calls and messages were the only app on the phone functioning. That is the only thing they can do and not call your contact to complain to them of you not paying their money.

In some of our previous post, we have talked about online loan apps that send messages to contacts, some that call your contacts for not paying up the loan you collected from them and resin why you need to avoid some of these loan companies.

The idea of buying phone on credit using Easybuy is somehow similar to having a deal with loan app where you get a phone from them and pay by installments either on monthly basis or weekly and when you finish the payment, the phone becomes yours and yours in full without having any deactivation or security encryption.

I have known many people around me who have gotten a phone through Easybuy and finish their payment without issues of calling contacts or blocking BVN. The only way easybuy recover unpaid debt or money is to lock up some apps and you may not be able to use those apps untill you make and the app begin to function very well. 

If you have gotten a phone through Easybuy, their interest on phone might be high but you had an agreement to pay up before a stipulated time which you must agree to. Don’t think you are smart by formating the phone, encrypting the phone or running away with the phone, it’s not done that way because the security on those items are well designed. 

Can easybuy extract money from your account? All the while I got a phone through Easybuy for phone, she defaulted in her payments but money was never removed or deducted from her account without notice instead some apps where locked from further use and got opened back untill she finish paying for the phone.

 Unlike some loan app that will remove money from your account simply because you granted them permission to do so at the earlier stage of registration without knowing what you will face later as some loan apps do. 

Does easybuy send messages to Whatsapp contact list? Unlike some loan app that will send messages to contact list when you default in payments, you don’t need to fear because I haven’t heard anyone talk easybuy in such manner that Easybuy contacts people on her Whatsapp list showing her picture that she’s owing. 

Easybuy won’t send messages to your Whatsapp contacts instead they will lock up some functions on the app like Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc and leave only phone app and message app till you finish your payments. 

Can Easybuy Block My bank account? I also heard someone saying Easybuy can block my account if I refuse to pay. I don’t know how possible is that for easybuy to block your bank account because you defaulted in payment. What Easybuy can do when you owe is block some apps from working till you clear your debt with them but they can’t block your bank account because they are not your bank or they aren’t representing CBN and I think that is clear.

In conclusion, we have discussed that Easybuy cannot block your bvn.or call your contact if you default in your repayment of item balance. I also said easybuy can’t send messages to your Whatsapp or block your bank account but what they can do is to block some apps from working on your phone untill payment is made which I think it’s fair enough. If you have anymore questions, don’t forget to use the comment box below to get fast responds. See you in our next update. 


3 thoughts on “Can Easybuy Block My BVN or Call my Contacts?”

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  2. But really, Easybuy is actually a good concept which I was one of the program. I bought my phone from Easybuy and I'm still enjoying it till today. Although I have finished paying the money. What easybuy can do is to place a watermark on your phone or lockup some apps on your phone but won't call your contacts or defame you in any way.

  3. My fiend use my bvn to get a phone through easy buy and I’m afraid they will deduct money from my account because my friend hasn’t paid the balance and what can I do

  4. If it's only bvn and no acount details then there won't be any problem but if your card details is included they can deduct but change your ATM password to be on the safe side

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