Does fairmoney call contacts or send messages to Whatsapp contact list?


 Can fairmoney call my contacts? This was the question someone sent to us through the mail and we have similar questions on the issue of loan app but we will be using this medium to update and provide answer not only on this question but few similar ones so you can get updated facts and figures concerning this.

Fairmoney is one of the legit and recommended loan app that won’t give you any problem or stress only their interest is quite on the high side. I have personally worked and used fairmoney to aquire loan and it was very smooth and fast in terms of disbursement. 

Can fairmoney call my contacts Incase of loan default? The maser is “no” because for the years I have used fairmoney, fairmoney haven’t call my contacts before telling my contacts that I am oweing or getting involved in all kind of defamation. But when you keep repayment of loan constant, you credit score with them increases and you have access for more.

It’s a good and reliable loan company and I see it’s one of the registered online loan company with good reputation and fairmoney won’t call your contacts for any reason. Instead fairmoney will keep calling you so as to remind you of your pending loan which haven’t being repayed back to them, this is is just like a reminder. 


For new customers, getting a loan from fairmoney is very simple, you take your phone to register an account, confirm your phone number and update your profile and see loan with instant disbursement. The last time I checked, fairmoney is now a microfinance bank which makes them more legit to work with or seek loan from.

Can fairmoney block my bvn? I also want to use this medium to clear this that fairmoney cannot block your bvn because it’s not the bank where your account is domiciled. Incase you default fairmoney in payment, no matter how many calls you get or mail they send, you can get your bvn blocked by fairmoney. 

The only institution that can block your bvn is Federal government, your bank and you if you complain of an unfair treatment and ask your bvn to be blocked or edited through the bank and not fairmoney. 

Don’t fall for scam from anyone telling you they will block your number of payment is not made between 24hrs, if you get that kind of message it’s definitely not from your bank, of fairmoney unlike other loan app that threatened to block your bvn, block your account, call your contacts like inlaws, brothers, pastors etc which we have warned people to stop borrowing money from loan all. 


Does fairmoney send messages to contact list

? Unlike other online loan app with very terrible practice of sending messages to contacts when you default, fairmoney don’t do that. I can categorically say that because I have collected loans from fairmoney and nothing have changed instead they keep getting better. Some loan app will send messages to Whatsapp contact list with your picture, address, phone number and telling people you defrauded a company and on the run. 

Some will tell people that you owe them  due to sickness and you don’t want to pay anymore. I have seen loan app that will start sending messages to contact list and Whatsapp list on the day that the loan is due and other terrible things, fairmoney isn’t for that and you can also bank with them. 

Can fairmoney block my account? Just like other loan app tells their customers when they default that they will report them to credit bureau and get their bank account blocked but this is not true. Fairmoney recovery agent will not tell you they can block your bank account and they can block it. Some loan app like Sokoloan, Lcredit, Xcredit, Gocash etc will even call your enemies that you are owing but fairmoney don’t do that. Feel free to get a loan from them, payback at when due and get higher loan when you make prompt payment of your loan. 

Facts: There are fee things that makes fairmoney a legit and fair loan app, it’s doesn’t offer 7days to 14daya loan repayment because that is how we know illegitimate loan app and fairmoney customer care is so nice and fast. They don’t defame but they send reminders to people as the loan period approaches or end. It’s also a registered company with physical office located in towns but some other loan app don’t even have a physical office and many are not registered without a license to operate in the financial space. 

In conclusion, we have discussed it that fairmoney is a legitimate online loan app which is registered and doesn’t call anyone’s contact list and it doesn’t send messages to contact list or Whatsapp list like other other loan app does to their customers. So, we give fairmoney a good rating on this and you can always seek loan and repay your loan from fairmoney. 


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  2. Like I used to tell people to stop borrowing money from loan app but there are few legit one's which fairmoney is part of it. Fairmoney is good and legit. I recommend fairmoney but please pay your loan

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