How to clear your name from Loan Apps Database Without anyone doing it for You


How can I clear my information from loan apps database without anyone doing it for me? I noticed that many people have beens scammed due to this and many are still falling for this. I have seen some guys on different Facebook groups or pages claiming they can actually help people clear their name from loan apps within a short time and they are collecting money for their service which isn’t something you need to patronize these people for. 

No one can offer such services or do such to help you clear your information from loan app system. The basic truth is that it’s not possible and can never be possible, don’t be fooled into paying anyone to help you clear your information from database. 

Due to the fear of defamation which not many can face, due to the fear of loan app calling your contacts or sending messages to Whatsapp contact list, or various type of embarrassment you could get from loan app when you default in payments, it’s not a good thing that you default from loan app and not pay back because you will be defamed in many terrible ways. 

The truth is that immediately you register with your phone on any loan app either registered or unregistered and seek loan, they make sure you don’t get access to the app dashboard without granting them permission through permission to access contacts, permission to access location, permission to send sms, permission to make calls, and many more. 


Immediate You grant this permission, your information immediately save on their database system and some of the mean loan apps can do whatever they like with your information incase of defaulting in payments. 

Some of the things the loan apps will do with your information saved on their database is to call you many times reminding you of your loan, thy also call your contacts claiming you use them as guarantors which is not true and begin to tell your contacts that you owe them money and have refused to pay while some will send messages to your Whatsapp contact list with many lies about you, all in the effort for you to pay their short term loan given to you. 

Can you now see that it’s not so easy to  for anyone to claim he or she can help your clear your information from loan app database or system only if he’s an admin or an agent of these loan apps but we have many fake agent around now. 

Let me tell you this, I have seen on many Facebook group where loan issues are discussed that there are some guys who claim they can help people remove their information from loan apps immediately they make payments. 

Someone told a friend that he can help him clear his name from Sokoloan database and I laughed because unless he’s an active agent from Sokoloan, he can’t do anything than to just collect the person’s money. That is why we need to be wise so we don’t fall for scam or we don’t lose our hard earned money to these people claiming they are experts in clearing people’s information from loan apps.

How do you do it yourself? The best and simple way to delete your information from loan app dashboard or database is to do the following;

1. Clear the cache of the app: Go to the application setting on your phone setting where the apps are located and click on it. You will see where you can clear the cache or clear and uninstall the app. If you don this, the loan app might not have future or more  information from your phone or on your phone because you have cleared the cache information database

This isn’t enough because they still have other information on our phone which has been saved already from the day you seek and collect first loan. They can still use that to send and call your contacts and you wonder how possible is that. 


2. Clear your Gmail contacts: To also clear your information from loan app by doing it yourself without paying anyone to do so for you, you need to clear your Gmail contacts with immediate effect. This you can do by going to Google and search Gmail contacts, you will see, click on it and clear the information from there and replace with other contacts. 

This works because it prevents them from have more access to information on your phone or online which these loan app can easily fetch and begin to call your contacts.

3. Clear your phone contact: The major thing you can do to prevent these loan app or other app to have more access to your information is to backup your contacts on the phone and replace with other numbers. After doing that you can now visit the app on your phone, click on permission and allow apps to make contacts, send sms, access to location and many more permission like that. 

This works because it replaces the information on the loan app server with the current one you saved. These loan app are using high powered software to save information and to clear the information, you use this method. 

4. After doing the above steps, you can now begin to focus more on yourself and business. You don’t need to get depress because a loan app will defame you for not paying on time. Some of these loan app will do.many things to get your attention which you may not like but be prepared for it and see it as irrelevant. 

See if you can begin to pay their money gradually but if they are too aggressive in recovering their money then sit back and watch, it’s not easy but do not feel ashamed of yourself because you borrow money from loan app. 

5. Ignore their calls: You can clear your name from loan apps database without letting anyone do it for you if you keep ignoring their calls. While ignoring their calls, you can start paying back the loan little by little but the most important thing is to find rest for yourself using Truecaller apps to identify them. 

So, there are the things you can do to delete or clear your information from loan app without anybody helping you to do unless such person is an agent that have access to the loan app or probably work in their office. 


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