Does Okash Loan App Call Contacts or Send Messages to Contacts when Default in Payments


 Some Loan Apps which have are now the latest thing in town in terms of lending and borrowing money without collateral or BVN have shown to be good as well bad. I see people have had bitter experiences with loan apps especially when it come to repayment and make you feel like you are a bad person but some of them actually disburse very fast especially loan app with short repayment period like 7 to 14days. 

People have asked me if Okash is one of those loan apps that call your contact list or send messages to Whatsapp list that you are owing Okash, or that you are wanted and about running away with people’s money. The fact is that I will give a candid opinion on Okash because I deal with Okash and I am still dealing and collecting small loan from Okash. 

Does Okash Loan App Call Contacts or Send Messages to Contacts when Default in Payments

Will Okash call my contact list? The simple and straight forward answer is no, I don’t think so. When I applied Okash, I installed their app, grant them permission to my list so as to see if they actually call contacts like others. So but I started with small loans of about 10k although they opened more loans for me which I refuse. Then ever since I got the money into my account which seems very fast, I don’t think I ever had any issues with them again.


Will Okash send messages to contacts or Whatsapp contacts? Okash loan app was not mentioned according to some of the loan app people claim send messages to their contact list. Okash have neither reported me to anyone that I owe them even when I defaulted and Okash have not send messages to my contacts or Whatsapp list. 

I closely monitored some Facebook groups where people talked about loans and loan app as well as some of the action taken when they couldn’t pay back their loan on time and I read carefully through that group to see people’s comment on Okash app so that it won’t be like they didn’t do that to me but they actually do to other people. I just want to get things straight with correct information before writing or posting on this site. 

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Can Okash Block my BVN when I defaulted? I used to tell people that no matter the default, no loan app can block your BVN because they are not the financial institution that gave you the BVN. Okash don’t have access to your bvn and the highest they can do is to report you to credit bureau that you are owing and credit bureau won’t come and find you but you might not have access to loan if your credit score is too low.

Let me also add that Okash can’t block.your bank account for people who are scared that probably a loan app can block their bank account without access. The idea is that when you collected the first loan from Okash, your contact list and other information are already in their database but they won’t call your contacts or block your bank account since they aren’t the Alex bank here that issue you a bank account number. 

Okash is just like any other loan app but I haven’t any problem with these app now unlike other loan app that have turn to loan sharks. Like I said earlier that although their loan repayment is not less than 14days but I haven’t seen more length of days on the Okash dashboard. I don’t think they exceed the 22days loan period which is also very a small for a legitimate loan app that operate like the legit apps (Carbon, Branch and Fairmoney)

One thing I will like you to know is that I avoided those loan apps like plague right from the time when Lcredit really showed me but I didn’t bother but move on to have peace of mind. Now I borrowed money I can afford to pay back and I make sure I don’t go pass my boundary. Like in the case of Okash what I did was to get a small amount of money I can easily relayed back and I haven’t any problem with that. 

I advice you to stop getting loan from any loan app that comes your way because these loan apps will put you in problem especially if you can’t repay back your loan on or before their loan date. 

In conclusion, I believe the entire update and ideas shared on this post answers the question on if Okash actually call or send messages to contact list if you didn’t pay on time or if you defaulted in payment. Okash loan recovery agent aren’t that harsh but they will call you countless number of times. Okash is good, Okash have never called my contacts or send messages to my Whatsapp contact. 

I am not an agent of Okash, we write on various happening around us and you are free to let us know if you have any issue with Okash and you want us to learn from. When I need a small loan, I just open their apps seek a loan I can pay back easily and go for it. And before writing about any loan app, I seek and gather enough information about the app from different users so that I can have a rich information on what to tell you pertaining to that. 

Also remember that you need to seek loan that is convenient for you to pay and  pay your loan simply because these loan apps are owned by people and that means people’s funds are in it. Thanks for reading, please use the comment box to get across to us Incase of any suggestions, contrary opinion on Okash or just anything. Thanks


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