Do Carbon Loan App Call Contacts or Send Messages to Contact for Late Payments


Will carbon app call my contacts or send messages to them if I default in payment? I got this question also from a fan who’s been following some of our topics on some of these loan apps and legit, registered and apps that won’t defame your character. The answer is that carbon don’t call contacts or will not send messages to your Whatsapp contact list if you are owing them but they will only be adding a small amount of interest till you are able to pay. 

Carbon will continue to call you to remind of your loan even if it’s late but not like calling your phone contacts and telling people all sort of things about you. Carbon is a registered loan app that offer instant loan with no collateral or guarantor and the amazing part is that they do fast disbursement of money.

I have not seen carbon loan app not operate like the other desperate loan app that want to claim their money the hard way but they will like to know who you are, the purpose of loan, where you work or nature of business and one or two persons they can call as a backup for you. I myself have borrowed money from carbon and enjoyed this loan app.

Other features of carbon loan app


Carbon was formerly known as Paylater with lot of features like a longer loan term. The lowest you can get is 30days loan period but if you consistent and you continued using the app with prompt repayment, you will be granted more longer period of loan repayment as well as higher loan to meet with your need especially when it concern business or family issues. 

Is Carbon app Legit? To start with, I will like to clear the air on this that carbon loan app is very legit and cool. Their customer care act professionally and they act fast is responding to issues regarding your account. Carbon app does offer a loan app of 7days or 14 but a longer period of one month, two months, 3month and to 6 months of loan repayment. This alone has made Carbon app a legitimate loan app to borrow money from. They also have a physical office you can make enquiry or complain because they operate like microfinance bank. 

Do Carbon call contacts: Like I said earlier that carbon loan app will not call your contacts for any reason either you default or not. Although they have your contacts information the first time you registered or seek a loan from them but still they don’t send messages or call your contacts. Although they can repeatedly call you to remind of you of your loan or other promotional offers but not for embarrassment like other loan like Lcredit or Sokoloan does. 

Do Carbon send messages to contact list? Irrespective of the fact that carbon don’t calm your contacts if you default in payment or you made late payment, they don’t still send messages to your list even if they have the list. Be rest assured that carbon app won’t do all those funny and harsh repayment but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the right thing by paying back your loan before it’s due. 

Can Carbon block my Bvn: Carbon I’d a registered loan app that don’t call your contacts or start calling your friends and families that you are a defaulter. They also can’t block your BVN but carbon can report you to credit bureau which might prevent you from getting further loan from commercial banks Incase you need any. But for BVN , carbon can’t Bock your Bvn because they are not the issuer of the bvn.

Can Carbon app deduct money from my account? I have heard various instance that people claim loan app withdraw money from their account. Yes it’s true, can carbon app can deduct money from your account because you granted it permission to do from their terms and conditions. But Carbon loan app will not deduct more than the amount of money you owing and only a few portion of the money will be deducted. And not that they will now make it a routine to start deducting money from your account for no reason like some app steals money from people’s account because they have access to their login information. 


These are the facts and figures we fetched concerning carbon loan app, their operation and possible answers to questions on if carbon call contacts or send phone numbers to contact list if you fail to pay back your loan or when you default in loan payment. We were able to provide the basic truth that carbon doesn’t call anyone’s contacts or defame in any form but they keep reminding you of your impending loan and if left unpaid over a long period of time, carbon will report you to credit bureau. 

Finally, this is one of the few loan apps that doesn’t harass you or they don’t probably involve in any form of harassment either from their customer care or loan recovery agents even if you don’t pay back your loan on time but that doesn’t mean you should continue to collect their loans and not pay back. If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to use the comment box below so we can also gain from your experience or ideas. Thanks 


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