Does Easemoni Call Contacts or Send messages to Contact list when Delayed in repayment?


 Is Easemoni Legit? Easemoni is one of the few loan app that gives quick loan for people with BVN and fast disbursement of funds which is almost instantly if you install the app and grant them permission to your contacts, phone, messages and other files. 

I haven’t seen anyone complain about Easemoni loan app calling contacts or sending messages to Whatsapp contacts list when anyone fail to pay the money dey owe Easemoni within the given period of repayment 

Is Easemoni loan still giving out loans now? Since easemoney doesn’t really call contact or send messages to contact list, I tried to confirm if they are still giving out loans and it was real. I went to Google play, downloaded the app and I just fill out the form including adding my Bvn and I did all that to submit at the end and few seconds later, they wrote out the amount of money I qualified for. 

Does Easemoni loan app call my contacts when I default in payment? This question is one of the major question on this update and I did the research myself. If you go by what is happening in the internet right now, so many loan app have really dealt with people by calling their friends and families, boss, colleagues etc telling them that you borrowed money and couldn’t pay which I see is very harsh and shameful on the part of the loan app and recovery agent. 


Since EASEMONI is not the kind of loan app that call contacts or disgrace you for not replying your loan, that doesn’t mean you can now borrow money from Easemoni and not pay back or not having the plan of paying back the money. It’s not a good thing not to pay back your loan since we still have few loan app that give grace period of repayment without issues. 

This was one of the few question I see that many people want to get answers to on Easemoni,  which was sent to me through the social media and I can tell you that online loan apps have dealt with people in many ways and we have similar situation on ground talking about loan app but we will be using this medium to update and provide answer to few loan apps that call contacts and those that doesn’t call contacts.

Easemoni loan app is a loan app that that I have confirmed to be legit and registered app that are free to use, they offer fast disbursement and this loan app don’t really give problem but their interest is considerate and not on the high side. I have used aella, got their loan then and all they claim was true when it come to getting a loan with smoothness and quick payment. 

Can Easemoni call my contacts if I default in Payment? The truth about Easemoni is that Easemoni app won’t call your contacts or send messages to your phone or Whatsapp contacts, I haven’t heard easemoni call my contacts or call people’s contact list to report about a loan default but now I don’t use palmcredit anymore but instill heard people saying they now call contact list which I don’t think is true. 

Easemoni loan app haven’t call my contacts even when I took a loan and not pay back. But what I see is that when you keep to your promise of prompt repayment of Easemoni loan, your easemoni rating with them increases which is good for you so as to get more loan from easemoni.

Easemoni loan app is one of the recommended loan app for Android and iphone users and is a registered online loan company with good services and what I know as at the time I was using palmcredit was that aella loan app won’t call your contacts as a defaulter but easemoni will just set an auto reminder for you that calls you alone most time to keep reminding you of your loan.

If you are new to online loans and you want to seek loan from easemoni, obtaining a loan from easemoni isn’t that hard but cool, you need to register using your phone to register at first, then you get a code to confirm your phone number or email, then you update your profile and check loan calculation loan with quick disbursement into your account. Some people get their Easemoni loan denied maybe because they didn’t grant access to location, phone, storage, contacts, sms etc.

Can Easemoni app block my bvn? This is another question we need to ask ourselves, and after my research on Easemoni mode of operation, I see that easemoni can’t block bvn for any reason because they don’t own the bank. Even if you didn’t pay the loan on the due date easemoni can’t still block your BVN simply because they are not the bank that issue the BVN.

I think we need to let people know that most of the loan app will always say they will block your BVN but the truth is that they cant. Only your bank where the account was opened or the Central Bank can block your bvn and not Aella or any other loan app..  

Does Easemoni loan send messages to contact list after due date?

No, easemoni won’t send messages to contacts if you default in payment on the due date. I don’t think easemoni do send messages to contact list after due date of repayment of loan. I got to know that some other loan app offer terrible method of recovering loan like sending messages to contact list Incase you didn’t make the due date while some loan apps will keep sending messages to contacts to friends and family, colleagues, staffs ate work etc. 

Easemoni loan app will not send messages to phone contact list or Whatsapp contact list with picture of yourself, your address, your phone number while they tell people that you once work with them, you defrauded them and on the run with company’s money. We have a lot of these phone apps you need to do away with. 


Can Easemoni block my account? If we want to go by the way other loan app do their thing like loan recovery, it’s very worrisome with so much lies that they can block your account, report your details to credit bureau all which are false.  Easemoni loan recovery agent can’t block your account and they will only tell you to pay on time but can’t  block your bank account. 

Some facts about Easemoni is that Easemoni loan app is reliable and legit but they made be aggressive when it comes to recovery of loan but they aren’t going to call your contacts or send messages to your contact list. They don’t offer 7 to 14days loan repayment method which makes them legit and registered and if you look at reviews online, they are mentioned among the best loan app after mentioning fairmoney, Branch and carbon. 

In conclusion, I believe you have seen from our discussion on Easemoni that this loan app won’t call your contacts  or send messages to your phone contacts. 

Easemoni is a legitimate and reliable online loan app with quick disbursement of funds and payment and doesn’t call your contact list and also Easemoni loan app don’t send messages to contact list or Whatsapp contacts like other other loan app that won’t let your contact or friends and family rest. 


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