What to do when Oweing too many online loan apps and couldn’t pay back


What do I do After owing with Online Loan Apps and Couldn’t Pay Back the loan

A lady said “I am owing more than 10 loan apps and couldn’t pay back, what can I do? Another one said I owe most 30 loan apps and couldn’t repay back the loan, what can I do? I am owing Lcredit, Sokoloan, carbon, Branch loan etc what can I do? I put all these together to write the solution to this question on what to do when you owe so many online loan app. 

We all know it’s a common thing for loan app to defame, call your contacts, send messages to your contacts list when you couldn’t pay back your loan. And we’ve also discussed the good loan app you can borrow money from, the bad ones, this loan app that won’t call your contacts and the few ones that won’t send messages to your Whatsapp list even if you owe them. 

There are registered loan app which have the backing of the cbn, there are loan app that claim to be registered and of course they are not while there are many loan app that promised instant loan but not recognized by the Govt or central bank of Nigeria. 


I see that if you are not careful, you will continue to owe and sign up for numerous loan app and won’t be able to pay back. Any day you begin to use money from a loan app to pay the other, then you are in serious danger but do not panic because we have a sign of relief which I want you also to enjoy. 

I know many people who are owing so many loan app and the seek the best possible way to get out of these mess they have get their selves into. Some loan app are very aggressive and will continue to defame, call your contacts, send message to Whatsapp list and calling you all sort of names and you get scared and begin to borrow more and more to meet up but it’s bad. 

If you are owing many online loan app and couldn’t pay back then do the following:

1. Do not borrow again: one of the best thing to do when you owe so many loan apps and couldn’t pay back is to ensure you don’t borrow money from any of these apps again. No matter the loan app you are Oweing, if you need peace of mind and also a step on what to do, then do not borrow again and again. Borrowing more from loan apps to repay the other is just a way of worsening the situation. 

If you have too many debt with online loan apps and couldn’t pay back, then desist from them and work to start repaying it gradually. No matter the number of days and duration, what matters most is the fact that you are going to repay especially those ones that do not defame but if anyone call your contacts or defame you in anyway, bye to their loan repayment 

2. Check the apps on store:  The next step is this, if you can’t think of what to do after having too many debts with online loan apps or you owe some of these loan apps and couldn’t pay back, then go check the legitimacy of such site on Google play store which could be reviews or comments from other users. 

Doing this will give you an idea if such loan app you owe are the registered ones like carbon, Fairmoney, Branch and migo. But if not, put your mind at rest and continue doing you work or business so that repayment can work out well within few months or weeks till you are ready. 

3. Check the site: If you are owing so many loan apps and couldn’t repay back the money you owe, talk to the customer care line or loan recovery agent but it didn’t work out then recheck the site on Nigerian financial institution of registered financial loan institution, if not let your mind be at peace. Loan app can not come and arrest you or track you but to pay up the loan. The idea of getting depress due to defamation isn’t something that bothers you, just put yourself together, fave your business and start gathering money.

4. Calling of contacts: Are you among those Owing so many loan app and couldn’t pay back with high interest accumulating, then don’t think that is the end of the world or get discourage because there’s always a way out. I see that many people get confused after Oweing many loan app and they are in debt and don’t have an idea on what to after the loan app call your contact list or probably they are sending messages to you Whatsapp contacts, it might be a serious setback on you but getting along even when the loan app keep calling your contacts actually make you fit and stronger if you know your right.  Some loan app will tell you that you will be charged to court, please don’t fall for this and that you actually signed an agreement for calling of contacts.

The last time I checked, I see that most of loan app don’t even have physical and real offices, I also see that some loan apps are not registered and if they send abusive messages to your contacts, then they will never get any payment from you. The idea is if a loan app keep calling your contacts or defaming, then ask the of their office so you can talk to their manager which I know they will refuse that. 

5. Try to Repay the registered ones: I have seen that many people owe loan app and couldn’t pay back. It’s not that some people don’t want to payback but defaming them is what is causing more problem to them. But the idea is try as much as possible to pay the registered loan app like Fairmoney, Branch, carbon etc so that nothing affect your credit score even if it’s a bit by bit payment. 

And for the other aggressive loan app disgracing you as calling your relatives, boss or family members, Just send a disclaimer photo or messages to your contacts and deny them, some of your contacts will understand while some won’t. I have seen a situation whereby a woman borrowed money from a loan app ad these people started calling the husband whom she never used as a guarantor, it was bad because the man was annoyed. 

6.  Block some of their spam lines using truecaller: If you owe many loan app and couldn’t pay back or you are having many debt like up, then be ready to block some of their line because the loan app will be calling your contacts. So, to avoid or minimize the insult you need to block any number that call you labelled as spam by truecaller. 


7.  Be relaxed: if you have too many debt with loan app and couldn’t pay back then you need to be at peace. Being at peace will make you strategize yourself on how to pay back with some other things. If you couldn’t pay back your loan if you owe too many loan app,   you need to be relaxed and find a way of paying back gradually and finish making the payment within a short time. 

In conclusion, there are some of the things you do if you owe many online loan app, you need to be relaxed, be ready to block some of their lines by truecaller, try to repay the registered ones, check the site, check the site on play store and the last thing is not to borrow again. Say no to borrowing from loan app, it will help you. Thanks for reading. 


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