Does QuickCheck Call Contacts or Send messages to Contacts When Default in Payment?


We have discussed many loan app with instant loan offer and disbursement but I want to quickly use this medium to clear the air on quick check loan app. On this site, we will be giving you information on various loan app and how they operate as well how to go about getting quick loan from them.

Someone ask “do quick check defame” ? I don’t want to beat around the bush on this and the straight answer to this is that quickcheck doesn’t defame in any way. Quick check is one of the good loan app that is registered and legit with fast disbursement. 

Quick check doesn’t defame either by calling contacts or sending messages to contact list even if you default in payment or if you make your repayment late or haven’t paid back the loan at all.

Is quickcheck still giving out loans? The last time I check, quick check is still giving out loan through their app downloaded from Google play store or by dialing code/ussd method which is *561# and it will automatically show you a list of option of loan offers you need. 


Does QuickCheck Call Contacts? You don’t need to be scared of seeking loan from Quickcheck as long as you have the intention of paying back the loan on the agreed date of repayment. I said this because Quickcheck is one of the loan app won’t call your contacts or send messages to contact list if you don’t pay on time or if you default in payment unlike some of their loan app we call loan sharks that don’t have any other way of collecting their loan from defaulters than to call contact and defame. 

Can Quickcheck block my BVN?: Although I heard so many things about loan app sending messages to defaulters that they will block the person’s bvn. So, Quickccheck is one of the loan app that can’t block your bvn but after a long period of time of non repayment, Quickcheck can still report you to credit bureau so that you may not be able to borrow more from other loan app either registered or unregistered. 

Can Quickcheck Deduct money from bank account

Just like many other loan app, quick check can also deduct money from your bank account simply because you have granted quick credit permission to do so when you applied and get paid the first loan from quick check. To stop this deduction from bank account, you may need to change your card details like login and transaction pin or you block your card details which can be done online and offline on your internet connected phone

Can Quickcheck block my bank account? It’s not possible for any loan app to block your bank account because they are not your bank and morever they aren’t the CBN that issue the account to you. So, loan app claiming they can block bank account is a lie that can’t work. 

Can Quickcheck send messages to Whatsapp contact list?

I have seen many terrible things loan app do to defaulters like sending messages to their Whatsapp contacts that they owe them money, that the loan is a defaulter who doesn’t want to pay back, that the defaulter is HiV positive and sometimes that the loan seeker is running away with public money and many.more.of these rubbish.


Going by this discussion I believe you might have picked one or two ideas from here about quick check.I said at the beginning that quick check doesn’t  call any contacts or send messages to your phone or Whatsapp since they have the contacts on their database. But they will keep reminding you of your loan repayment and increasing it with slight interest.  


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