How to Invest and Make Money Online on a Long Term without Paying Anyone


How do i Invest and Make Money Online on a Long Term without Paying Anyone to do it

I am using this medium to pass a message across to people who want to start making money online like other people do but lack information on what to do. You can actually invest and make some money on a long term without paying anyone to do it for you. 

I see many people have been scammed of their hard earned money claiming they can make money through their program or materials. The idea is that the best way to make money online is to do cheap investment and make money on a long term doing few things that are not really investment program but you can turn it to ne an investment program for you and you don’t need to pay anyone to start this. 

There are many ways you can invest and make money on a long term through the internet and I will discuss a few then still write on other as time goes on. I noticed that lack of information really have a lot of setbacks on us and it may even perish us. 


If you are already doing a job but not paying that high or you feel like quitting your job anytime soon, then if you have an internet connected phone or pc, then start any of this which we will be explaining as you read on with this post. 

1. Freelancing:  One of the ways you can make money on a long term through investing is to do freelancing.  Freelancers are not by birth but these people learn something and begin to make money from it. You only need to look at areas of your expertise, what you are good at like content writing, creating contents and many more. People need freelancers and they will still continue to need these people. 

Find yourself helping people do what you know how to do best and get paid for it. I am not a web designer but I learn and did a site for a friend but he ended up referring me to some of his other friends and till now, I am still doing that. The bottom line is just for you to learn a skill that people need. 

2. YouTube: Have you noticed that the world is gradually moving out of scripts or reading contents but people watch videos now. I use to watch more videos on youtube than actual television because I will gain a lot from YouTube than normal television. The future of the internet is video making and I need you to key into this. 

I see uploading videos on youtube as investments because your videos can be monetized in the future where you continue to get paid for life from Google. Take a look at some people who upload videos on YouTube and they are monetize partners, that a retirement plan for them. You need to start making money creating videos as well so that you can earn money in the future like other people do. 

3. Social media: I don’t know using the social media can be a tool of making money on a long term. I needed to promote content and I met this guy who has over 100k twitter followers and a huge Facebook page and he billed me. And I felt like what about some people who just post nonsense on facebook or whatsapp but all those followers and friends can be converted to potential buyers or used to earn money. 

The secret is to start engaging people on your social media account like tiktok, whatsapp, instagram etc and not only that but to build it so it can be used later on a long run as an investment. 

4. Blogging: I left blogging sometimes ago but I am returning back to blogging when other businesses are crashing and the value of money in this country is losing it value.  I see that blogging is not something you can just do away with but must be seen and operated like investment or business. Blogging is cheap, you only need to get a domain, register it, pay a little amount like $5 and start writing contents based on your niche. 

Niche means area of interest like sport, education, health, business, food, religion etc. Over a long term, you will be getting paid from advertisers but blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but an investment that mature over a long time. More on this will be discussed in our next post or subsequent post just subscribe to us and out your fingers cross fresh update.

5. Cryptos: I don’t want mention this but its working for many people. Now that bitcoin is dropping is the right time to buy because it will rise again and you make your money automatically as it rises. There are some other crypto that are less in value but there’s a prospect that it might actually rise later in the future. You can buy a very low price now, but large quantity and keep, that’s the idea. 

6. Micro jobs: micro jobs are done on micro sites like zeerk, fiver and upwork. You only need to visit the site and see what gigs people are willing to buy. Gig is another term used for the service you want to render like making videos, selling software’s, writing articles, teaching on how to, and many more. I will write a blog post for you for $5, I will sing for you, I will wake you up at 5am daily, I will teach you how to play the keyboard, guitar etc. 

7. Forex investment: You can still make money online by investing through forex investment. Forex investment is different from forex trading in that forex trading is when you do it yourself but forex investment checking through your broker to see available experts who are there for investment. 

They trade with your money and share the percentage of profit accumulated over a trading period and you get your profit. If you have the fund and can trade on your own, then this is a good way to make money a period of trading time. 

8. Short videos: Not only longer videos are monetized now but shorter videos can now be monetized as well. You can make your videos and post them on youtube, Instagram or tiktok. Some people who like short beautiful videos will patronize your work for adverts. You see there not time anymore when it comes to internet matters. 

9. Finding solutions; finding solution to people’s problem should be your priority if you want to make money through the internet. I belong to some social groups and I take careful consideration on problems people are facing and if it’s something I can handle, then I do and get paid for it. 


Imagine someone asks if anyone can help him set up a blog which I did and he paid me. But the only thing there is that you need to learn how to do things, invest in yourself which is one of the best investments you can get. 

9. Selling: One sure way to make money online by investing and without paying anyone to do is to learn to sell. The internet is a big market place for anyone to buy and sell. Why not post your services, your products and if you don’t have anything to sell the start affiliate marketing which means selling other people’s product. There are so many legit affiliate sites online, pick any product, share on social media and sell. 

In conclusion, as discussed there are many ways to invest and make money online on a long term which we stated that you need to sell something online, do affiliate marketing, finding solutions to peoples problem, making videos, making short videos, youtubing, blogging and many more. Thanks for reading


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