Sure ways to do business online without spending much money


What are ways to do business online without spending much money

What are the sure ways to do business online without spending much money? This question was submitted more than 3 times from one of our readers and I see this as an avenue to provide answers to this so that we all can learn, work online and make money without spending much money.

With the current situation of the economy now, you will see that it will make lot of sense if we begin to find additional ways to work and make money online so as to compliment the other salary jobs we do. This can only be achievable if you find genuine and sure online job which we will be giving out some of these ideas as you read on with this post.

There are sure ways to do business online and not spend much money. Not spending much money is quite better than saying without spending any money because you may need to buy some small items to enhance your online work and getting paid overtime without paying anyone to do it for you.


There are sure ways to do business online and get paid. We might not be talking about get rich quick scheme or paid to work from home which deceive many people but we will be looking at few things that works, that are sure and which definitely pay at the end of the day.

The sure ways to do business online without stress or spending much money include;

1.  Buying and Selling: One of the sure  and fast ways to make do business online and earn money is to do some buying and selling. In one way or the other, we must buy and sell to earn some profit. Buying and selling things online is not that difficult but you must know the product very well, convince people to buy from you and make your money.

There are two sure ways to buy and sell online, it’s either you buy and sell a product or get paid for rendering a service. You can sell your own product to people online or get product inform of affiliate and sell to people where you get paid on commission. You can visit sites like AliExpress or Alibaba to check some products, buy cheaply and resell to your audience online, this is a sure business to do online.

2.  Youtube: If you seek a sure ways do business online and make money online without spending much, all you need is to start working with Youtube. Youtube is a video search engine with great ways to do business and make money from it without paying anyone much money.

You can do business on youtube by making videos and promoting your product to people either through paid or free video sharing. But the working opportunities on YouTube is to keep making original videos based on your area of interest or expertise or just any interesting videos and you start making money on ads shown when the video is being watched by hundreds of people.

You can read more on terms and conditions for monetization on YouTube videos. When you see people watching videos and ads are displaying on those videos, they are paid due to the fact that they have met youtube requirement of over 4000 watch hours and 10000 subscribers.

3. Adsense: One sure ways to do business online and make money is to work with adsense. Adsense program is one of the ways you can put your business online through advertising in various ways. There are two programs on Google inc which are the Adwords and Adsense. The adword program adverts your business to many people by helping you to display the ads of your product to thousands of people while adsense requires you to have a site or blog and make money by allowing Google place ads on your blog.

Where you get paid based on clicks and impression on the ads. In our next post, we will be talking more about Adsense. Although adsense is one not a new way of doing business on the internet but still a working platform to earn money.

4.  Affiliate marketing: I have many people doing affiliate marketing and are making money from it. Affiliate marketing is difficult to do with or without a website as long as you have a presence on social media where you can display your ads to.

Affiliate marketing might not be a new program but we now have many new affiliate sites that pay you for action, impression, for click generated and most importantly for sales. Many people still use Facebook or Instagram to drive traffic to their affiliate product. Keep your fingers cross for more information on affiliate programs and site in our next updates.
5. Paid surveys: This is one of the sure ways people work and make money online. I have a friend who do paid surveys for many years now and he’s still doing the paid surveys. I ask him if paid surveys is still paying and he said yes. Not only that he has gotten a lot of products as a tester from paid surveys, gift items and gift cards for the job done.

You only need a separate email for the surveys and PayPal account to get your money when payment reach threshold. There are good ones on the internet like Swagbucks, toluna, paid surveys, opinion outpost and many more. The money gotten from paid surveys is not a get rich quick scheme but can be steady. The more sites you register, the more surveys you get qualified for. For instance, 20 survey sites with $20 gives you around $500 dollars per month at least.
6. Forex: Forex is a sure way to do business online but do you have the skills? You must learn the skills of forex and other rules I’m the area of profit and loss. This is one of the biggest sure business you can do online that generate a good amount of income. It involves trading on different currencies from GBP, USD, EUR, YEN, Gold etc and knowing when to buy and when to sell so as to make more profit.

 Forex is not a business you just do or costly but you know how it works that is, when to see, when to buy, when to join a trade and when to get out of a trade or else you lose.


To now more about forex, download the meta-trader 4 or 5 on your android or Iphone, get a stock broker, register a dummy account and learn to trade. So, much will still be discussed on forex as you read on with this site. That is why you need to subscribe to this channel so you get as many information as possible on what works.

7. Micro work: If you have special skills writing, editing, graphic design, video making, talking etc then Fiverr should be your destination. It’s not for everybody but people with special skills will make money doing this micro works. Doing work for people online are called micro work and sites like fiver, seoclerk are good site to register and start working it.

8. Social media marketing: This is oke if the new but sure ways to do business online and make money from it. You just share people post to your Twitter followers, YouTube followers, Whatsapp friends, IG followers and many more. If you have a huge social media followers then you can be making money like celebrities do. You can even approach some companies and tell them about your promotion tactics, you can be making money sharing their product and services in an easy way.

Micro work is all about skills like graphic designs, animation, cartoon making, video editing, article writing and many more. If you know how to write articles for people, who if you know how to edit video or create animations, then fiverr should be your possible destination to work and earn from. Although, there are new actions or jobs that are available for only $5 or more. Like I can make you laugh for $5, I can sing for your birthday at $5 and many more.

In conclusion, these are the sure ways of doing business online and getting paid for it without paying anyone. Don’t forget about micro working, forex trading, paid surveys, buying and selling, Youtube, Adsense and many more. Feel free to ask any question or use the comment box to make a suggestion on ways to improve more on this site. Thanks


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