Does Ajeloan Loan App Call Contacts or Send Messages to Contact List?


Talking about fast disbursement of loan to people, there are so many loan app that have flooded the Google play store without collateral but bvn which Ajeloan is one of them. But have you noticed that calling of contacts or sending messages to contact seems to be the only working way of getting back their money Incase of default. 

So before you collect loan from ajeloan, you need to see this and do not skip any part of this updates. This will let you know if you will still borrow or not borrow from Ajeloan app if the conditions are favourable.

Do Ajeloan Loan app call contacts? Just as we’ve discussed and shared information in the previous updates on loan apps, I see that we still have hundreds of loan app appearing on play store to give instant loans to people without bvn or collateral.

As I was trying to check through loans on play store, I checked reviews on Ajeloan loan app and I need I need some information on them and how they operate apart from seeking loan from this app. I asked question from few people who have seek loan from ajeloan and Ajeloan customer care and their loan recovery method which is not funny at all. 


Is Ajeoan Still giving out loans: yes, Ajeloan is still in the business of giving out loans with instant disbursement without collateral but Ajeloan app give a short loan of 7 to 14days which is not the loan standard of a legit loan app requirements on Google play store for loan app. The last time I checked, they are still giving out loans. 

Does Deloan call contacts Incase if default in payment? Yes they do, 

Ajeloan is one of the apps that will call your contacts over and over Incase you fail to pay up your loan on time or on due date. They will message your friends and families on your contacts telling these people that you use them as guarantor and now that you’ve fail to pay back.

Do Ajeloan send messages to contacts list? Yes they do, not only that Ajeloan will also send messages to your WhatsApp contacts with your picture that you are on the run with company’s money or other things. We are saying this just to prepare your mind before you download their app and get a loan from Ajeoan because they will send lot of messages to your contacts

Does Ajeloan defame: Ajeloan is one of the definition of defamation. Ajeloan will want to collect their loan from you by defaming you with lot of calls, messages to contacts list and other means. Yes Ajeloan loan app defame so we’ll with repeated calls and messages.

Can Ajeloan block bvn? No loan app can block your BVN. If you default in making payment on Ajeloan, you will get messages telling your that your bvn will be blocked so you can’t have access to other loan services. It’s not true, Ajeloan loan can’t block your bvn. 

Can Ajeloan block account? No loan app can block your account.  If you default in making payment on Ajeloan loan app, you will also get messages telling your that your account will be blocked so you can’t have access to your bank account. It’s not true, Ajeloan can’t block your bank account because they are just a loan app and not the owner of your bank account. 

Can Ajeloan deduct money from your account? Yea they can. I will like you to know that almost all loan app can withdraw money from your account because you have granted these app permissions on your account to deduct money from it. If you don’t want that then change your password or block your arm card to have authorized access to your account. 


Is Ajeloan Legit? After looking up all the point above, I came to realize that Ajeloan is not registered and legit loan app due to the condition that Ajeloan offer 7 to 14days loan repayment and also they don’t have a physical office for complain or issues but most of their staffs work from home or in one unidentified place. They also defame to collect their loans from you which makes them not legit. 

If you want to get a loan, we still have few registered and legit loan app on Google play store or check more related post on this site which will help you with lot of rexommmed loan get quick loan from. And if you already have an account with them or you have already entered their late payment period, ajeloan will soon start sending messages to your contact or Whatsapp friends and families. 

Better still, for new user or old user of the app, it will be better if you change your card pin and password if you already have a late payment with Ajeloan to save yourself from deduction from card. You can also use truecaller app to know their spam numbers for unending calls and messages. 

Lastly, I will recommend you pay back the loan your borrowed from these apps because you will get defamed and the interest rate is so much you can handle. If you have more information on Ajeloan, please don’t forget to use the comment box make suggestions or pass information for us to learn. Thank for reading 


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