Does Oxloan Loan Call Contacts or Send Messages to Contact List?


Oxloan is one of the numerous loan app that flooded the Google play store which offer instant loan with fast disbursement but majorly 7 to 14days loan tenure. Oxloan is fast in disbursement and one of the many loan app that offer loan without collateral but with BVN information and guarantor. 

Like I use to tell people to check on Google review of any app they are using before seeking loan or installation because you will get some key information on how some of the app operate if you be able to cope or not. I have seen many people collect loan from Oxloan which indeed very fast but what about repayment and other issues surrounding this loan app.

Does oxloan loan defame? Many people will be searching if one loan app will defame them or not but please if you know you want to borrow money and not pay back and be seeking loan app that defame or not then that’s not good enough. For Oxloan, they will call you many times, call your contacts, send message to them and even call families and friends telling them that you borrowed money and have refuse to pay back. 

Do Oxloan Loan app call contacts? Yes they will. From what I have seen and the few information I have concerning loan app, they will call your contacts if you refuse at when due, for late payment of loan or not paying back your loan at all on Oxloan, then the whole family and friends will get a call from Oxloan that you are a debtor or defaulter.


I think that’s one of the key ways they try to recover back their loan from people by calling their contacts or sending messages to Whatsapp list or friends. Oxloan will call your contacts so that they can tell you to pay up. 

Is Oxloan loan Still giving out loans: The last time I checked, Oxloan is still on play store and they are still giving out loans. “Yes” Oxloan is still on play store and is still in the business of giving out loans with instant disbursement without collateral. 

But oxloan app is still among the few app that give a short loan of 7 to 14days which is not the loan standard of a legit loan app requirements on Google play store for loan app. The last time I checked, they are still giving out loans. 

Does oxloan call contacts if default in payment? Yes Oxloan will definitely do so by calling your contacts. Oxloan is still one of the apps that will call your contacts over and over Incase you fail to pay up your loan on time or on due date. They will message your friends and families on your contacts telling these people that you use them as guarantor and now that you’ve fail to pay back.

Do Oxloan send messages to contacts list? Yes Oxloan will send messages to friends and relatives on contact list, not only that, oxloan will also send messages to your WhatsApp contacts with your picture in it which is very disturbing.  

Can oxloan block bvn? To the best of my ability and what I know about loan apps, no loan app can block your BVN. Even if you default in making payment on oxloan loan, you will get messages telling your that your bvn will be blocked so you can’t have access to other loan services but it’s false information.  

Can oxloan block account? Either legit or not, No loan app can block your account.  If you default in making payment on due date with ggmoney loan app, you will also get messages telling that your account will be blocked so you can’t have access to your bank account. It’s not true, ggmoney can’t block your bank account because they are just a loan app and not the owner of your bank account. 

Can Oxloan deduct money from your account? All the loan app I know on the internet today can deduct money from your account. Yea oxloan loan app can deduct money from your account. I will like you to know that almost all loan app can withdraw money from your account because you have granted these app permissions on your account to deduct money from it. If you don’t want that then change your password or block your arm card to have authorized access to your account. 

Is Oxloan Legit? That’s a big question but from my research, I came to realize that oxloan isn’t legit and is not registered as legit loan app due to the condition that oxloan loan app offer 7 to 14days loan repayment and also they don’t have a physical office for complain or issues but most of their staffs work from home or in one unidentified place. They also defame to collect their loans from you which makes them not legit. 


I have seen different proofs and evidence showing that oxloan will call your contacts and send messages to your Whatsapp contact list that you are owing them money. I will advise you to borrow a little amount you can pay back easily so you don’t get defamed by Oxloan 

Lastly, I will recommend you pay back the loan your borrowed from Oxloan loan app because you will get defamed and the interest rate is so much you can handle. If you have more information on oxloan, please don’t forget to use the comment box make suggestions or pass information for us to see. Thank for reading 


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