Does Tloan Loan App Call Contacts or Send Messages to Contact List?


Tloan is one of the loan app that offer fast disbursement without collateral but with BVN and phone number. The last time I checked Tloan is still on Google play store giving out loan to people who needs it but with a short duration of 7 to 14days with so many reviews of people using the app but many loan seekers won’t check this or read the reviews to know at least few things about the loan app. This 7 to 14 days loan period made me decided to write on Tloan loan app and their loan recovery method. 

With thousand of downloads of this app, I still have few things to say about Tloan especially in the area of calling contacts and sending messages to contact list Incase of default which we are still going to talk about. Tloan will call your contacts if you fail in making payment at the stipulated time. 

Will Tloan loan app call contacts? 

Yes, Tloan loan app call contacts and will send messages to contact list. If you have a loan with Tloan loan app, then don’t default in your Payments because they will call your contacts that you are owing them which might be a kind of embarrassment. 


Does Tloan defame? I wondered why people keep asking if loan app defame. The question is asked in return is that do you want to default in payment? But the real thing is that Tloan will defame you by calling friends and families on your contacts and sending messages to contact list. If the number used to register on Tloan is your Whatsapp number then you should be expecting a call from them that someone call to say he or she used their number as guarantor. 

Do Tloan Loan app call contacts in case of defaulting? I can’t register and seek loan from all the loan app but I belong to a Facebook group where people discuss these loan app and their payments as well as few issues they have with them. I asked every users about Tloan and they said the result was pathetic if you default in your Payments. 

As I was trying to check through loans on play store, I checked reviews on ggmoney loan app and I need I need some information on them and how they operate apart from seeking loan from this app. I asked question from few people who have seek loan from ggmoney loan and their customer care and their loan recovery methods. 

Do Tloan send messages to contact list? Yes if you default in payment or if you are late in payment, Tloan will send messages to your contacts. Not only that, they also send messages to your Whatsapp contacts for defaulting in payment or not wanting to pay back your loan. 

Does Tloan call contacts Incase if default in payment? Yes Tloan will do so, Tloan gives you money but still one of the apps that will call your contacts over and over Incase you fail to pay up your loan on time or on due date. They will message your friends and families on your contacts telling these people that you use them as guarantor and now that you’ve fail to pay back.

Can Tloan block my bvn? Maybe you don’t know that that no loan app can block your BVN. Even if you default in making payment on Tloan app, you will get messages telling your that your bvn will be blocked so you can’t have access to other loan services. It’s not true Tloan app can’t block your bvn but can report you t credit bureau..

Can Tloan app block account? No loan app can block your account not even Tloan loan app. If you are late in making payments or you default in making payment on due date with Tloan loan app, you will also get messages telling that your account will be blocked so you can’t have access to your bank account. Tloan can only say that but they can’t block your bank account simply because TLoan is not CBN that can freeze, block or flag your account. 


Can Tloan loan app deduct money from your account? Probably you don’t know that all the loan app can deduct money from your account then you should know that today. Tloan can deduct money from your bank account only on the condition that you haven’t change your ATM card password, pin or code because you already grant them permission to do so during registration for your of your first loan. They have your information on their system database which means it can be used later.

Is Tloan Legit? Well I can say Tloan is not one of the legit loan app we have now because they offer 7 to 14 days loan period which is not of standard, they call your contacts whom you never used as guarantors, poor customer care and no license of registration with no physical office.

If you want to get a loan, we still have few registered and legit loan app on Google play store or check more related post on this site which will help you with lot of recommended loan app to get quick loan from but be sure you will pay back your loan because I am of the opinion that you need to pay back the loan you collect. And if you already have an account with them or you have already entered their late payment period, Tloan look will soon start sending messages to your contact or Whatsapp friends and families. 

Lastly, I will recommend you pay back the loan your borrowed from Tloan or these apps because you will get defamed through contacts calling and sending of messages as well as high interest rates. But if you don’t want to be in trouble of this loan app calling your contacts, then go for low amount you can handle or pay back or better still try as much as possible not to borrow from loan app again but through your bank. Thanks for reading.


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